A new Great Wall will be built along the China-Myanmar border to prevent Chinese nationals from fleeing the country

Earlier this year, The Chinese government built a wall along the Border with Myanmar in Yunnan province to prevent its nationals from crossing the border. The Kokang ethnic group in northern Myanmar recently revealed on an overseas social media platform that the first phase of the burma-to-China border closure project code-named “Southern Great Wall” has been completed to prevent Chinese people from fleeing to Myanmar. The length is 660 kilometers. Another Yunnan Wanding said that the authorities have started to build the wall at the beginning of this year.

After the Border with Vietnam in Guangxi, the Chinese government is building a wall along the border with Myanmar in Yunnan Province, One Idea, to thwart illegal border crossings. The Chinese government has completed the first phase of a border closure project code-named “The Great Wall of the South” to prevent its citizens from sneaking into Myanmar, according to a tweet from the First Special Zone (Kokang Ethnic Minority) in northern Shan State, Myanmar. The length is 660 kilometers. It’s all made of barbed wire. The second phase, to be completed by the end of next year, will cut off more than 2,000km of myanmar-china border.

High – voltage power grids will be added to the fence

The commander of scholars concerned with China-Myanmar relations said in an interview with Radio Free Asia on Monday (14) that the Chinese government’s building of a high wall on the China-Myanmar border and preventing foreign novel Coronavirus from entering China are not the main reasons for the move: “The wall was not built overnight but through a very strict planning in China. In the past, it was easy to cross the border between China and Vietnam and Myanmar, so people from both countries were in China today, and went to Vietnam tomorrow, or even back and forth the same day. The other purpose of the wall is to prevent the flight of Chinese citizens, and China does not want this trend to continue.”

The third phase of the “Southern Great Wall” project will be completed in October 2022, when high-voltage power grids will be installed along key smuggling routes, said The tweet from the first Special Zone in northern Shan State. Skynet camera system and infrared alarm will be installed everywhere.

Yunnan border residents: construction has begun at the beginning of this year

In tubing platform, one called “I love you” in yunnan border sent a video, said the government earlier this year, the authorities began to build walls, replace the original simple wooden fence with real metal wall: “I am I love you, I now is in the sino-burmese border WanDing ports, WanDing with Burma is separated by a river, there are we on the Chinese side of the workers in the maintenance of monitoring equipment, we see ahead of monitoring.”

The fence was built to prevent Burmese from sneaking into China to work, and the novel Coronavirus from entering China, Said Amu. Another Chinese resident who has been to Myanmar said that after building a wall along the border, China has all but cut off civilian contacts, including economic aid, between the two countries. The fight against smuggling and drug trafficking is very strong. Armed groups in northern Myanmar can send senior officials to drive into China and hand over aid at local restaurants or hotels. But it is subject to customs duties.

It is getting harder and harder for Chinese dissidents to escape

Shanxi taiyuan a scholar mr.wang said, the government in the border building civil building walls, can be understood as China’s reform and opening up for 40 years, turned stability indicator of clearly marked, around the police advised dissidents to leave China, such as wuhan police advised dissidents Qin Yongmin abroad, Beijing police hope that Mr Liu to go to America, but now, the authorities do exactly the opposite: “means let China back to the cultural revolution, is not only external isolation, cultural revolution, one important feature is the Chinese people can’t go out, a lot of people at that time flight are caught, in southeast Asia is a Chinese flight. When Xi came to power, not only did the domestic ones not let you out, but the ones abroad even kidnapped you back. Domestic dissidents are having a hard time getting out, and they know that.”

On Aug. 23, a dozen Hong Kong youths who had been involved in the anti-China movement tried to take a speedboat to Taiwan to seek asylum, but the speedboat was intercepted by Chinese coast guards as it left Hong Kong waters. Hong Kong media reported that the police were informed of the whole process and sent helicopters to monitor the whole process.

In late October, THE BBC reported that the Chinese government was building hundreds of kilometers of a wall, more than two meters high, along the border with Vietnam, reportedly to prevent Chinese nationals from fleeing. A video uploaded by Internet users shows the reinforced concrete fence being constructed in sections, with several cement piles erected on the hillside to form a winding curve. China’s land border with Vietnam stretches for 1,300 kilometers, and some netizens have said that a high wall will be built along the border.