The first teacher to be rejected because of pregnancy: netizens divided into two groups

The party, Ms. Xu, had been pregnant before the exam, she said, before the exam carefully read the entry conditions, did not see any pregnant women can not enter the statement. Before physical examination, there are other pregnant women to the district culture, education, sports and health bureau to call, ask whether pregnancy affects admission, was told not to affect. Some of the same female teachers had lost their children to get jobs. She also had the idea of abortion, after all, ‌ ‌ “for a long time, pass too difficult. ‌ ‌”

Waiting for the verdict, Ms. Xu had nearly lost her one-year-old son.

Xu, from Yuanyang County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, took the recruitment examination for teachers in Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Area last July. She came second in the written examination and first in the interview.

I thought I could get on board smoothly, but I never thought there was a problem in the physical examination.

Ms. Xu had been pregnant before the exam, she said to reporters, before the exam had carefully read enter oneself for an examination conditions, did not see a pregnant woman can not enter oneself for an examination. During the physical examination, the hospital explicitly told Ms. Xu that the pregnant woman could not have a chest X-ray, so she included a pregnancy certificate in the physical examination report and did not have a chest X-ray.

In the end, she and several other pregnant women were rejected. After questioning the admission officer, he said that he refused because the medical examination report was incomplete.

In November, Ms. Xu and her family filed an administrative complaint against the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the plain demonstration area and the Culture, Education, sports and health Bureau of the Plain Demonstration area in the Yuan Yang County Court. In the complaint, Ms. Xu asked the court to judge the two defendants to cancel the decision not to hire the plaintiff; A decision to employ the plaintiff shall be made in accordance with the law.

On December 11th the trial began. The pingyuan demonstration area culture, Education, sports and health bureau said in court that the dismissal of Ms. Xu did not violate any administrative or civil laws and regulations, is reasonable and legal. In article 4 of the recruitment announcements ‌ ‌ “physical examination and investigation ‌ ‌” explicitly stipulated the ‌ ‌ “cannot be compiled within the time limit as prescribed complete check-up report of candidates, as check-up unqualified, the respondent has not studied hard job postings, refusing to be caused by its chest X-ray project, leading to its cannot complete a medical report, the respondent shall not be employed to its, not so-called infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of women, but in strict accordance with the recruitment notice, in accordance with the act.

The next day, ‌ ‌ “pregnant women do not make chest X-ray rejected employed ‌ ‌” boarded out, quickly rise to hot search first. Comments to present two level, some netizens think ‌ ‌ “don’t do chest X-ray, one thousand have tuberculosis such as do ‌ ‌” and that ms xu ‌ ‌ “is purely to maternity leave ‌ ‌”, another part of the net friend think it belongs to ‌ ‌ “discrimination against women, recruitment is not says pregnant women can’t enter oneself for an examination ‌ ‌”, and points out that ‌ ‌ “can reservation delay check-up ‌ ‌”. At present, the court has not made a judgment on this case.

Recalling that year, Ms. Xu said, some of the same female teachers had lost their children to get jobs. She also had the idea of abortion, after all, ‌ ‌ prepared for a long time, “admitted to it’s too difficult. ‌ ‌”

But she kept the baby.

She also want to give up, ‌ ‌ “got a safe day, is not an exam. But the idea has been rooted in the heart, forget the ‌ ‌ “.

‌ ‌ “after all I had to go to, not because what I did wrong things just don’t admit me. ‌ ‌”

On December 12, the reporter contacted Ms. Xu. It’s the weekend and she says she hasn’t seen any bad effects so far, but she doesn’t know what will happen when she goes to work on Monday.

The following is a conversation between the reporter and Ms. Xu:

Reporter: It’s been a year. Why the charges now?

Ms. Xu: We have been trying to find a way to solve this problem. The local women’s federations, including the mayor’s hotline, left messages, but none of them worked.

I have been thinking about how to solve this matter. Just this summer, I met a reporter and recommended a well-known lawyer to us. After the professional advice of a lawyer, we feel that we still want to Sue.

Reporter: What are you calling for now?

Ms. Xu: I hope to be admitted again.

Reporter: Have you ever said that there were people who aborted their children for admission?

Ms. Xu: Yes, I’m on duty now. She had a chest X-ray after the miscarriage, so the results of her medical examination were complete.

Reporter: Have you ever thought about having an abortion?

Ms. Xu: I have thought about it. After all, it is not easy for me to pass the exam. The review process is very difficult, but I still want to fight for it.

My family didn’t approve of me having an abortion. Then they told me that if I really wanted to work, I could put a lead mask on my body and get a chest X-ray. That radiation might be less effective.

I did go to the hospital and said I’d volunteer for a chest X-ray and that I could write a note saying that if anything happened to the baby, it was none of your business. But the People’s Hospital refused, and it was useless to write a certificate.

My daughter was born last November and it’s silly to think about it now. Luckily, I didn’t get a chest X-ray. If something were to happen to my daughter now, I would be really upset.

Reporter: Did your attitude change after your daughter was born?

Ms. Xu: After my daughter was born, I forgot all about it. I was the happiest during that time.

This summer vacation, (because the reporter intervenes) again brought up the matter, in fact, I am particularly reluctant to bring up this matter, it is very uncomfortable to bring up. But the lawyer gave us some professional advice, and I felt confident in the case that I should take up the legal weapon to protect myself.

I used to have friends who were pregnant and wanted this job so badly, but now when things got so bad, they wouldn’t talk to me.

Reporter: Is there any objection to this process?

Ms. Xu: I was a teacher before I applied for the exam, and now I am still in my old work unit. (Leadership) went to the school to find me, said it was no use. Do a year, the school does not admit you or do not admit. If you go on like this, it will affect your present job.

Even if they do accept you, do you dare to go to work? Does it bother you if you go there? Do you dare to go?

Reporter: thought leadership ‌ ‌ advice ‌ “, “have you ever thought to give up?

Ms. Xu: Have thought not to be able to give up, anyway family happiness, live in peace and stability on the line, is not a test? Although I wanted to forget it, The mere mention of it made me very, very sad. The matter took root in our hearts and could not be forgotten.

And I think I can still go, after all, I was admitted in the first place, not because I did something wrong to not admit me.

I read the admission requirements, did not say that pregnant women are not eligible for admission.

I like this profession and I would like to be a teacher at the bottom.

Reporter: Have you ever thought about your daughter going to school in the future? Will it affect her because of this?

Ms. Xu: I didn’t think about it that far, because my mother-in-law lives in Xinxiang city and it’s an hour away. I wanted to send my daughter to school in Xinxiang city. But I didn’t think much about it. I didn’t think she would be affected by it in the future.

Reporter: these two days your case on the hot search, to you bring what influence?

Ms. Xu: Not now. Today on the hot search first, relatives and friends have also seen, also said to me. What they were trying to say was that someone had finally seen it.

As for other negative influences, I haven’t got them yet, because today is Saturday and I haven’t gone out to work yet.

Also worried, after the shift has a bad influence. But want to think, or want to give yourself a statement an explanation, I did not hurt others, right? I’m just using normal means to protect my rights and interests, so there shouldn’t be any big problems.