Bytedance Funding checks on Navarro: Zuckerberg to give beauty away?

President biden trump charges of fraud, by Facebook (Facebook) fact audit department, trump trade consultant Navarro (Peter Navarro), Facebook executive Zagreb Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) seems to be interested in the United States to the communist party of China, the reason is that cooperation with face book “the third party inspection organization independent facts”, on the operation of the charge “Beijing bytes to beat” (ByteDance) money.

Navarro said on Twitter: “Zuckerberg appears to be intent on turning over the US to the Chinese Communist Party. He spent a lot of money to get his hands dirty in this presidential election. Now we see evidence that Facebook’s ‘fact check’ is using the Chinese Communist Party to censor Trump.”

Navarro refers to the evidence is that facebook said with “independent third party inspection organization cooperation facts”, but these organizations “trill” cooperation with China, the application by the United States as a national security threat, according to the Reuters report, “trill” and “Lead Stories”, “PolitiFact cooperation to investigate,” and in “trill” platform to delete all are thought to mislead users error information.

In addition, the development of “trill” beating “Beijing bytes” in this year also funded “Lead Stories”, in “Lead Stories” on the web site, according to the data published in 2020 of funds mainly come from facebook, Google, Beijing bytes to beat, as well as other companies, such as Trendolizer, MGID, AdSupply, etc., only a small amount of donations from the International union of Fact Checking (IFCN, International Fact – Checking the Network).