New Delhi: New Delhi has redeployed 1.3 million troops to enhance combat readiness along the China-India border

India’s Asia News Agency (ANI) on October 10 quoted government sources as saying that in response to the recent military conflict situation, the Indian leadership believes that it is necessary to make full use of the existing combat forces, which can be adjusted to “two-way deployment” to cope with the challenges on the two fronts of the China-India border and the India-Pakistan border. Sources said the army headquarters saw the need to further strengthen combat readiness deployment on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) along the China-India border.

According to the report, there are ongoing clashes along the China-India border and some adjustments have been made by the Indian army, namely a large number of armored units have been transferred from central and western India. BMP tanks, T-90 main battle tanks and T-72 tanks of the Indian army have been heavily deployed in the Border areas between China and India.

It is reported that the realignment of 1.3 million Indian combat troops will be a major military move, which is expected to make the NATIONAL Defense Force ready for a “two-front operation” in the true sense. The report quoted sources as saying that the decision on how to deploy the troops on two fronts would depend on discussions.

India has clashed several times with China over the disputed border region of Ladakh in the past few months, and Pakistan has also clashed in disputed Kashmir, just as tensions between India and China have flared sharply.