The substance of the Texas lawsuit was rejected

On December 11th the Supreme Court surprised almost everyone by dismissing Texas’s claim. The Internet was in an uproar and expressed disappointment with the Supreme Court. The sombre lopsided feeling that the election may not be saved raises the possibility of being stolen. People don’t expect Washington swamp to be so deep. They worry more about trump’s chances of losing, and whether America, the cradle of constitutionalism, will still exist.

The American election is the battle of the century

America today is a watershed in the battle between good and evil. It touches the hearts of people all over the world. It also drives the mad men, the dark ones, who want to change America and change the world. To bring the world to the ultimate goal of communism, to be a paradise for evil people. But a hundred years of planning have kept their evil purpose in the distance. The main reason is that America, with its perfect constitutional system, stands like a shining beacon to the wicked, making them helpless.

Just as they were struggling to get things done, the chosen man, Donald Trump, came along and upset the order. Four years of frenzied repression and framing have left Trump unscathed. The evil forces are so determined not to give up that this election is the focus of their showdown. If it falls, it will be completely destroyed.

Death has cost them everything, and they’re willing to do anything to change the outcome of the election. The most dramatic scenes of the past few days are the concrete performances of their dying struggles.

The election chooses its own future

The current world is a rotten apple. Justice is hard to find. It looks like a riot, but in fact, it is full of the power of those so-called elite alligators, enriching the whole world. For the benefit of the people are attached to the power of a strong man, like a wallstraw swaying with the strong wind, lost self, gave a good soul to the evil forces.

As soon as Biden’s fraudulent accession was announced, the snobs rushed out to congratulate him. Even the leaders of countries who shouldn’t have said so have done so. In fact, they have long been the captives of those evil forces.

All of these are the main characters of today’s show, all of them are dancing to the music, all of them are pushing the waves to help the current, for the American election, for those big beasts in the swamp.

The election has been so exciting that people have been left wondering what to do. Today, people provide evidence, lawyers to Sue, good things happen frequently. It’s not nice to be dismissed and dismissed tomorrow. The ups and downs have changed every day, from election day until today. It seems that the good side has retreated. The waverers are still watching. In fact, this is the time to choose their own future. Silence is golden, and the silence of the wise is no longer applicable today. It is wise to go out boldly and choose justice.

After four years in office, how many people opposed Trump at the beginning, saying that he was not like a leader? Gradually, people came to realize that Trump was the hope of The United States, the man who led the country out of the swamp and made the United States great again. Especially, Chinese Americans chose Trump. People are coming out to support him and fight for Trump’s re-election.

Great results must come with hard work

One blow after another, one setback after another, the chosen man never gives up and never gives up. How much you give and how much you get is a given, because God will give him greater glory.

This battle between good and evil on earth must have one result, that is, good must prevail over evil. If you think about a shadow group that has been carefully engineered for hundreds of years to gather the greatest power of evil and fill every corner of the world with the greatest wealth in the world today, you can’t easily let it die. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of effort.

All of these ups and downs, all of these trials and tribulations are a baptism and a trial for those who supported Donald Trump. They are also a chance for you to build your confidence that you will see the dawn when you persevere.

Everyone knows the famous novel Journey to the West. Tang’s monk and his four disciples went through 80 difficulties to get scriptures back. The scriptures had already been retrieved, but there was nothing to be done or done about the old turtle. They had to go through the 9981 difficulties and had to find the one that was less difficult.

The end is in God’s hands

It’s still going on. Despite the Supreme Court’s decision today to back the Texas case, the court’s road is closed, but it’s far from over. All roads lead to Rome, and no obstacle, however great, will fail the righteous. Just remember the saying “Those who follow heaven prosper, those who defy heaven perish”. You will be invincible. You will have god’s blessing.

Every failure is difficult,
The cruelty of danger is nothing but idle,
After the rough sea,
A long march is the shore.