Hundreds of thousands of people in Washington backed Trump to show faith and truth

Hundreds of thousands of Americans rallied and marched in Washington on December 12 to protest election fraud and support President Donald Trump’s re-election. The event had a strong religious tone, reflecting conservative voters’ belief in God and demonstrating the power of faith, people and truth.

“March of Jericho”

The big event is being organised by groups such as the Jericho March. At 9:30 a.m., protesters marched seven times around the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court and the Justice Department, praying that the walls of corruption and fraud would come down.

According to the Bible, Joshua and the Israelites followed God’s instructions and marched around the corrupt city of Jericho. At last there was a miraculous sign. With the shouts of the Israelites, the strong wall collapsed.

The founders of The March on Jericho were Arina Grossu, who was Catholic, and Rob Weaver, who was Christian. Both saw the same scene on November 5, namely, parades around government offices in the capital and swing states, which was the same scene in D.C., on December 12. The scene was exactly the same. So far, 700,000 people have taken part in themed parades across the United States.

According to the New Tang, Weaver believed that god had told him to do it. “I work for the federal government, and I’ve seen firsthand some of the deep, scary things that go on in the swamp,” he said.

Grosso told THE EPOCH Times that the corruption in this election shows that there is a domestic and international evil that wants to destroy The United States, that they want to pray for the power of God to make miracles happen.

Pray to God to return to the foundation of our nation

At the rally in Tahrir Square, more than three dozen speakers unanimously stressed that praying to God dispels evil and lies. The audience lowered their heads several times, asking God to bless America.

Bishop Leon Benjaman noted that communism, socialism, Marxism, fascism, racism and all the other walls of Jericho that exist today in the United States, “Every wall of Jericho must fall!” “President Trump has faith in America and he has faith in God,” he said.

Doug Mastriano, a Senator from Pennsylvania, said: “God has told us that we will find strength when we are weak and light when we are dark. This is our story. From generation to generation, The American tradition continues to this day, “I believe in the national leadership appointed by God.”

Religion is the foundation of our nation, and many of our founding fathers were devout believers in God. Since taking office, President Trump has vigorously defended religious freedom. He once solemnly said, “We need God.” Liz Skogerson of Nevada praised President Trump for “making people feel the value of their lives. He brought the patriots back to life and gave us the courage to speak our faith in God in our daily lives.”

President Trump and his supporters respect life and human rights, value families, defend the Constitution, and distinguish between right and wrong — conservative ideas that the left rejects and undermines. For more than four years, the Left of the Democratic Party and the fake news media have been vilifying President Trump, and this year, they have engaged in electoral fraud on a scale rarely seen in the world, in an attempt to seize power and undermine the foundations of America.

It is well known that the left pursues a socialist and communist agenda, and that communism is the enemy of God and seeks to destroy human faith. The protesters’ analysis and appeal from the perspective of faith, therefore, is to recognize the essence of the election dispute: it is a battle between good and evil, between good and evil, and between good and evil. The public must resist not only overt electoral fraud, but also deep-seated attempts to destroy America’s dark forces.

The people are speaking the truth

The people who came to Washington came from every region, race, profession, and age: politicians, academics, entrepreneurs, clergy, young students, soldiers, activists, and some who fled the communist country for the land of the free. They represent 74 million or more voters who voted for President Trump. They say the media, judges and lawyers cannot decide who the president is. It is the will of the people and the will of God that matters.

The protesters tell many truths: First, that electoral fraud is real and President Trump already won; Second, Trump is a great president and the left media has been lying. Third, the left, in partnership with fake news organizations, big tech companies and the Chinese Communist Party, is destroying America.

Representative Vernon Jones, democrat of Georgia, told a newtown reporter, “Donald Trump did get reelected. Donald Trump is my president and he will always be my president.”

Mark Burns, a prominent black pastor, said: “Thousands of people are here to say we support President Donald Trump. We support conservatism. We stand for the lifeblood of America, and we stand for the things that make America great.”

“We are very supportive of everything that President Trump has done for us,” former Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes said during an interview. He is the leader of our Republican Party, and he truly speaks for the hardworking people of our country. We love our president, he supports us, and we support him.”

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a U.S. statistician, and his team analyzed ballot data from Michigan and found that at least 69,000 pro-Trump votes were modified by Dominion software to support Biden, representing 138,000 lost votes for Trump. On the same day, he spoke before the Supreme Court, denouncing the system as depriving everyone of the right to vote.

Gene Ho, trump’s personal photographer for the 2016 campaign, said: “I stand with Donald Trump. He’s a great guy.” “What Donald Trump has accomplished is he has turned ordinary people like me into leaders. Today, I’m running as a candidate for mayor of Myrtle Beach in 2021… We all need to go out and do our part to make America great.” “Why didn’t the media come and ask me about a minority and someone who knows Donald Trump? Why don’t you see me on other TV stations when only the Grand Inquis and a few TV stations are willing to ask me such questions?”

Connecticut resident Elizabeth DeLuca, who was born in Cuba, said, “President Trump stands for good. He stands on the side of God.” “We are here to thank him and his family. Because every day they fight for us and our basic human rights, to protect us and our country.” “We have to have a President like Trump in the United States or we will become a third world country like the country I come from or Venezuela. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should stand with us. You deserve to stand with our President, Donald J. Trump.”

As in previous rallies, Trump supporters were rational, peaceful, passionate and determined. In the face of an avalanche of lies and intimidation from the left, the men and women who carried the Stars and Stripes and The Trump banner said: We will not shrink. We will hope. Such honesty and candor are in stark contrast to the cowards who dare not speak up for President Trump and the criminals who fall to the ground or engage in fraud.

The darkest hour is the darkest hour. The election brings big choices and a thorough screening. Who is the winner? Where is America going? The central answer lies in the vows and voices of President Trump and his supporters. The world is watching, and the world is in it.