Election update 12.14: Entrepreneurs: A coup from the CCP

The election is messy, but the darkest hour is the brightest. This past weekend, americans backed the Sichuan march with a strong religious and religious tone, reflecting the unyielding faith and faith of conservative Voters in the United States.

Sidney Powell, a prominent U.S. lawyer, is asking the Supreme Court to act immediately on her lawsuits against Georgia, Michigan and Arizona, demanding that those states immediately revoke their accreditation and prevent their electors from voting. Mr. Powell is also expected to make an emergency request in the Wisconsin case.

President Trump said he would veto the new national Defense Authorization Bill, which is worth more than $740 billion, because “the biggest winner of the new national defense bill is China (the Communist Party)!” Trump’s objection to the bill is section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act, which provides a protective shield for social media, and that is what Decency does.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said Sunday that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is not the president-elect because of ongoing legal battles over the outcome in key battleground states.

As electors go to the polls today, Trump said he and his campaign “will continue to move forward” on a legal challenge to the November election results. “It’s not over, we’re going to move forward.” “They gave us very little time, but we caught them,” Trump said.

A joint session of Congress will convene on January 6, 2021, when the electoral votes of each state will be counted, and if members of Congress object to the count of one or more states during that time, or invalidate those votes, the second scenario would be for each state’s delegation to vote for the president.

Here’s a live update on the U.S. election:

Trump: Swing states certifying Biden win as serious crime

On Sunday, the day before the Electoral College vote, President Donald Trump said massive voter fraud had been uncovered in swing states that would not only be illegal but would be a serious crime to certify the results. The president vowed again that he would never give up.

“Massive electoral fraud has been found in swing states,” Trump wrote. “None of these states can legally prove the integrity and accuracy of these votes without committing serious, punishable crimes. Everyone knows that there are dead people, underage people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners and many others who voted illegally, “he said.

Trump said on Twitter that, as a result, the election results should not be certified. “This election is in protest!”

“Stop Election Fraud” consultant: That’s what people are demanding

“This is not a third World country.” Election protester Robert Foster attends a “Stop Stealing elections, Support President Trump” protest rally in Washington, DC, on December 12. He is clamouring for an end to electoral fraud and corruption.

“I want to say it out loud: count every [legal] vote,” said Foster, a campaign consultant. As Citizens of the United States, we have the opportunity to hold free and transparent elections. This is not a third world country, we are a country ahead of the rest.”

Forster believed that the bonds americans were forming during this time were for the future and played an important role in uniting the United States. “God did bigger things, there was the birth of Christ, and there was the birth of you and me. So let’s work together.”

“This is a coup from the Communist Party.”

Patrick Byrne, founder of Overstock, a US e-commerce giant, and an investigator of us election fraud, said the massive fraud in the US election was “really a chronic coup from [the Communist Party] in China”.

In an interview with the New Tang Dynasty, the Epoch Times, he said: “I can assure you that what you see today has the hands of the Chinese Communist Party behind it. We face an espionage organization run by the Communist Party of China.”

“It’s not just random, it’s a highly organized coup.” Coup-plotters, Mr Byrne says, know that they only need to steal a few counties to flip the country, so they “vote like mad” in certain constituencies.

Byrne said the fraud was obvious, but the mainstream media was hoodwinking viewers, who were increasingly aware of the truth.

No more “none of my business” Chinese businessmen support Trump

Mr. Bo, who calls himself “Bo Zi,” holds a homemade Cardboard in Chinese and English that reads, “I’m dying soon,” as he stands in Washington’s Freedom Square during a mass rally for The Pro-Sichuan rally in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 12. He sighed and said, “For people of our age, from China to The United States through all the ups and downs, we feel very deeply!”

“Why are we supporting Trump? What are you doing here from Maryland early in the morning? Why immigrate to America? What I want to say is, ‘I will die when I hear the word of the Sun’, and that ‘tao’ is’ fairness and justice ‘.”

He said that the Chinese people are basically “not concerned with their own interests, hanging high”, basically do not involve in matters of their own vital interests, will not manage. But “I came to the United States, and I am very much grateful to the United States, so it is my duty to stand up this time, and I came here on November 14.”

Chinese Americans: The United States is in the “xuanwu gate change”

“Freedom is never free,” Mr. Liu, a 70-year-old man, said On Saturday with a group of Chinese-American Christians from Flushing and Long Island. “Today they steal your vote, tomorrow they take your money, and you have nothing.”

Mr. Liu said that America was at its worst, like “the Xuanwu Gate of The Emperor Taizong of China.” He urged people of vision to step forward and join the tide of history, “leaving your American story to future generations.”

“Knowing that Trump has the support of at least 80 million voters means a lot in The United States,” Liu said. First of all, Americans believe that ‘we the people’ is the main body of the country. China’s Chen Sheng and Wu Guang also need to cut wood to serve as soldiers in the uprising. The US does not need it. His weapons are readily available.”

“This situation is very simple, just like the xuanwu Gate difficulty of Emperor Taizong of Tang in China. Emperor Taizong of Tang had done his best in benevolence and righteousness, and those people were about to kill him. Therefore, the Xuanwu Gate chaos and the Zhenguan Governance later came into being.”

Founder of the Peace Movement: The United States will never be a Marxist country

“America will never be a Marxist country,” the Rev. Brian Gibson said at a “Stop Stealing, Support President Trump” protest rally in Washington, DC, on Saturday, Dec. 12.

“I believe evil people stole America’s election,” Gibson said. “They thought they had started the Second American Revolution.”

“We are here to tell them that they have not begun the second American Revolution because patriots and the children of God will rise up in America and we will never be a Marxist nation.”

He and his organization PeaceGather advocate for First Amendment rights, Gibson says, “We will support our First Amendment rights. We’ve got every church in America open.”