Do you know there are two kinds of Chinese medicine hidden in the egg?

Eggs have high nutritional value and are A good source of high quality protein, B vitamins and provide A certain amount of fat, vitamin A and minerals. But, there are two kinds of Chinese medicine hidden inside the egg, do you know?

On the inside of the egg shell, the outer membrane of the egg white is called the Phoenix garment. Phoenix clothing is the egg membrane inside the egg shell of domestic chicken eggs, sweet, light, flat, return to the spleen, stomach, lung through. It can nourish Yin and clear lung, collect sores and set bones. Main cough asthma, pharyngeal pain loss of sound, lymphatic tuberculosis, ulcer not collect, head dizziness, trauma fracture.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: Phoenix clothes can cure long cough. Dry the phoenix clothes, beat them into powder and put them in a glass bottle to keep them dry. A gram of water every day to drink, for the treatment of persistent cough is very good effect. It is especially effective in winter, when coughing is easy.

Cough spit thin sputum, nasal congestion hissing, take pinellia 6 grams, orange 6 grams, Schizonepeta 9 grams, Parsnip 5 grams, Sue leaves 9 grams, almond 9 grams, ginger 3 pieces, with phoenix clothes, the effect is better.

Besides phoenix clothes, the second traditional Chinese medicine in eggs is egg butter. As the name suggests is the oil extracted from the egg yolk. It has the effect of clearing away heat, detoxifying and reducing swelling, nourishing Yin, nourishing blood, moistening dryness, collecting and sores, producing muscle and flesh.

Autumn winter a lot of people can appear the circumstance of hand and foot chapped, dry, prickle, burning painful, bleed even, might as well try egg butter, it is oily agent, bring oneself moisten effect, composition is safe.

Ingredients: 2 eggs.

How to do it: Boil 2 eggs, peel off the shell and egg white, keep the yolk, put the yolk in a pot to make it into oil, cool it, and smear the affected part with egg butter, once a day. It is recorded in “Chinese Herbal medicine” that the egg butter is used for hot fire injury, otitis media, eczema, neurodermatitis, ulcers are not closed for a long time, ringworm sores, hands and feet chapped, trauma, insects and sores.

Egg butter is rich in vitamins, lecithin and other components. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that egg butter has the function of promoting cell growth and wound healing. Has the function that protects eyesight and liver cell; It can prevent osteoporosis. It has the effect of diluting sputum and relieving cough; It has the function of anti-oxidation and delaying senescence.

But eating eggs also has a dietary taboo, many places have the habit of eating eggs poached in sugar water. In fact, eggs and sugar with boiled, will make the egg protein amino acids form a kind of not easy to be absorbed by the human body material, health will produce adverse effects.