Walking improves memory, exercise in the morning improves concentration! Three secret brain secrets from A Tibetan doctor have been unveiled

You don’t have to take smart medicine to be smart

Doctors love to tell people to do more exercise. But is it better to exercise in the morning or at night? If it were me, I’d prefer the morning. This is a “good deal”.

Exercise first thing in the morning, then go to school or work, and your concentration improves immediately. In this shallow age of information explosion, whoever has the best concentration wins. No matter what you do, you have a better chance of winning than others.

The day belongs to Yang, the night belongs to Yin, the human body small universe, matches the natural Yang qi generation hair, quite intense, belongs to the exercise nature, enhances the muscle strength the movement, best carries on in the day. Want to move in the evening also is not not ok, resemble after meal take a walk, Yin yoga, stretch loosen property, I feel more suit a few.

And then there’s the improvement in memory. In addition to don’t let the brain overworked, sleep well, often walk, walk diligently, also have very good activation effect to the brain. Taking a different route each time can also prevent dementia by stimulating new connections in the brain’s neurons.

As for how to turn on the tap of creativity so that it keeps flowing? Then you need to actually run, run out of pleasure, run out of endorphins.

Through the endorphin activation of the sensitive right brain, the good ideas hidden in the subconscious will also come to light, and you will have a wonderful feeling of inspiration. Just look at how many artists, writers, and tech upstarts jog, and look at the richness of their work, and you’ll see why we all do it so often.

If you’re running purely for the pleasurable sensation that endorphins give you, researchers have calculated that running for at least half an hour, and at the level of sweating, is best for endorphin secretion.

Finally, go over it again:

Focus = > exercise in the morning

It’s best to walk more often

Activate creativity = > run out of endorphins

Three smart prescriptions for you.