50 years old professor a family of three people suffering from gastric cancer diet 4 things are still too late stomach safety

Li, 50, was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few days ago, after his mother and wife had already been diagnosed. Professor Li’s family had a very good and happy life, but now facing cancer, the whole family is beginning to lament.

Gastric cancer is a kind of cancer with high incidence in China. The incidence of gastric cancer in China accounts for 47% of the total incidence of gastric cancer in the world. This number, also let a lot of people feel a little scared. Gastric cancer, the second most common cancer in terms of morbidity and mortality, poses a serious threat to human health.

Once diagnosed with gastric cancer, life begins to count down. Why are Chinese people more likely to have gastric cancer? The high incidence of stomach cancer is also closely related to the dietary characteristics of Chinese people. Avoid 4 things, the stomach will thank you.


Pickles are appetizing, especially at breakfast, which is standard in many families. When not able to eat, eat some pickles can also have an appetite. For pickles, the elderly are a special preference. Even if the family every day stir-fry, will also eat some pickles.

Pickles are common food on the common people’s table, and the salt in pickles is often high. Some old pickles, in particular, are surprisingly salty. Eating too much salt can damage the lining of the stomach, which can break down and cause stomach problems. As time passes, gastric cancer also comes to come.


Now our living conditions are better, we cook every day, even three meals a day. Sometimes fried dishes a little too much, eat more than how to do dishes? Young people may choose to throw away the leftovers, while middle-aged and old people are reluctant to throw away leftovers.

These leftovers are often put in the refrigerator until the next meal or the next meal. Leftovers are left over for a long time and tend to produce nitrites. And these nitrites under certain conditions will produce nitrosamines, nitrosamines are carcinogens, also increase the risk of gastric cancer. Professor Li and his family came from the hard times. The leftovers were never wasted and were eaten by the family.


Baijiu is one of the common drinks, some people also like to drink some baijiu. Professor Li likes to drink two or two pieces of baijiu every day, and it is a 60-degree baijiu, which he thinks is only strong when drunk. Sometimes also can have some social intercourse, and when social intercourse natural also can choose the white wine that oneself like to drink.

The content of alcohol in baijiu is higher, and alcohol, that is, ethanol, has already been classified as a class a carcinogen. Perhaps the public hears more about the dangers of drinking alcohol than about the dangers to the liver. However, excessive consumption of liquor is also the main factor inducing gastric cancer. Besides water, alcohol is the only substance that can be directly absorbed in the stomach, which is very harmful to the gastric mucosa and increases the risk of gastric cancer.

Salted fish

Many people may have good memories of salted fish. When I was a child, I ate steamed buns with salted fish. That is really the best memory of my childhood. And Professor Li’s family is no exception, every three or five to buy an old salted fish, and then steamed on a pot of wokou, taste really sweet. Salted fish, however, contain some substances harmful to health and even harmful to health.

The salt fish is a pickled product, which is salted for a long time with salt. In the long curing process, the nitrite is produced in the salt fish. It doesn’t matter if you eat it once or twice, but eating salted fish regularly can increase your risk of cancer. Also, salt fish is high in salt. China’s census data show that the intake of salt is generally higher than 12 grams in areas with high incidence of gastric cancer.

Gastric cancer should be examined by gastroscopy

Gastric cancer does not have typical symptoms in the early stage. When it is diagnosed as gastric cancer, it is usually in the middle and late stage of gastric cancer. If gastric cancer can be found in the early stage, early gastric cancer will not do great harm to the body, but only invade the gastric mucosa and submucosa, and the cancerous mucosa can be stripped off by gastroscope, or even can be completed without surgery.

The cure rate of early gastric cancer is as high as 90~97%, while the 5-year survival rate of advanced gastric cancer is less than 30%. If we want to find and treat gastric cancer early, we should pay attention to gastroscopy. Although many people are reluctant to have gastroscopy, gastroscopy is the only effective way to detect early gastric cancer.

Nowadays, it is more convenient to do gastroscopy in hospitals. There are also painless gastroscopes. If you are over 40, try to add gastroscopy to your physical examination. For gastric cancer, early detection and early treatment should be achieved.