The expert warns: “hurt liver” food already discovered a lot of people do not know to return it to be a meal to eat

Wu, 53, often felt weak and weak recently. He also lost a lot of weight during this period. His family felt that this was not the way to go, so they took him to the hospital for examination, which turned out to be advanced liver cancer.

Family members are very puzzled, Aunt Wu usually quite pay attention to health, and there is no bad living habits, how could she suffer from liver cancer?

After the doctor’s understanding, it turned out that Aunt Wu paid great attention to health preservation after retirement. Last year, she heard that eating more tremella porridge could supplement collagen and get rid of wrinkles, so she bought a lot of dried fungus and went home to make porridge for cooking every day.

It was too much trouble for Aunt Wu to make and clean it every day, so she soaked five or six at a time, put them in the refrigerator, and took out one porridge to cook every night, which was convenient and fast. After a year, she did not expect to find liver cancer.

The doctor warns: this kind of food is the most harmful to liver, should keep away in time

Although tremella is rich in nutrition, it cannot be soaked for too long, because tremella belongs to fungus, fungus will breed aflatoxin if it is soaked in water for a long time, this toxin is classified as a first-grade carcinogen by WHO, long-term consumption will damage the cells of the liver and promote the occurrence of liver cancer.

The body appears these 3 kinds of circumstance, explanation liver already “carry not” seasonable intervention

The skin is dark yellow and coarse

The skin that liver pathological changes causes is dark yellow, it is what we often say is icteric, it is a main feature of liver pathological changes, this is because liver function already was damaged, bring about bilirubin to secrete disorder, and a lot of bilirubin goes deep into the blood can cause the phenomenon with dark yellow skin.

Bad breath

If after brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth, the smell still cannot be relieved, it is necessary to timely check whether the liver is healthy, because once the liver is damaged, it will make the garbage and harmful substances in the body can not be timely decomposition and excretion, and some harmful gas, will be discharged through the form of breath form halitosis.

  1. Greasy hair

If daily shampoo or feel the scalp very greasy, and shampoo and comb the process will be a lot of hair loss, this is because the liver is lost, unable to timely metabolism of the body’s fat, a lot of fat accumulation in the hair follicle, will make the hair look very greasy.

In daily life, want to reduce the occurrence of liver disease, want to pay attention to the following three points

One, do not eat preserved food

Convenient some people for the sake of brevity, often buy some canned for easy storage, pickles and bacon and other processed food, the food will add a lot of salt in the production process, regular consumption can lead to high blood pressure, affect kidney function, and can produce nitrite curing process, long-term consumption can cause a large number of casualties to liver cells, causing various liver diseases.

Drink more tea

In daily life often protect liver fire six treasure tea, can help the body hydrated, six tea stove composed of six kinds of Chinese herbal medicine small processing plants, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, burdock root, cassia seed, Chinese wolfberry, osmanthus, etc., can improve the metabolism of the liver and decomposition of toxins, easing the burden on the liver, effective curing liver health.

Third, take active exercise

Regular exercise can improve the body’s immunity and strengthen the body. For example, people with physical deficiency can choose some slow aerobic exercise, which can be done for one hour every day to speed up the blood flow, help the liver to better catabolic toxins, reduce the burden of the liver, and avoid the occurrence of some liver diseases.