Stomach bad people these 4 things try not to do winter stomach keep in mind “three, four more”

The stomach, like a cloth bag, stores and digests food.

However, the stomach, seemingly powerful, is actually very fragile and prone to illness.

Stomachache, bloating, acid regurgitation, belching… A series of stomach upsets afflicts most people.

Some people say, “Take care of your stomach. It’s better not (zu).”

In fact, most people’s stomach disease, are bad behavior “raise” out.

Therefore, the stomach bad people, must get rid of bad habits, especially the following points.

Stomach bad people, these 4 things as far as possible do not do, winter stomach, remember “three to, four more”

Number 1: Talk while you eat

As the old saying goes, “Eat without saying, sleep without saying”.

When eating, be sure to talk less, eat slowly and swallow.

Once eating while talking, will let the gas down too much, easy to indigestion.

And, the brain still can occupy certain blood, bring about gastrointestinal tract blood quantity to reduce, go against gastric ministry health.

Therefore, when eating, we should concentrate on eating, try not to talk, also do not play mobile phone, watch TV and so on.

Number 2: Gobble

Eat slowly, the finer the food, the smaller the burden on the stomach.

If you Wolf down your food, you won’t be able to chew it properly, which will aggravate your stomach.

In addition, it can lead to eating too fast, the brain can not timely accept the “full” signal, leading to eat more.

Therefore, to develop the habit of eating slowly, each mouthful of food to chew more, to reduce the burden of the stomach, conducive to digestion.

Number three: Eat your snack often

Compared with breakfast and snack, it is more popular among modern people.

Especially some young people, like to meet a few friends, eat a little snack, drink a little wine.

However, long-term midnight snack is not conducive to the self-repair of gastric mucosa, which will aggravate the burden of stomach and induce pathological changes.

In addition, often eat late night, also easily lead to obesity, and obesity is one of the causes of a variety of chronic diseases.

Therefore, be sure to get rid of the habit of eating late at night, after 8 o ‘clock in the evening, try not to eat again.

Fourth: Love tobacco and alcohol

Most people’s stomach problems are related to alcohol and tobacco.

Drinking into the stomach, will directly damage the gastric mucosa, the higher the alcohol content, the greater the harm.

And the harmful substance of cigarette, can stimulate gastric acid and protease secrete, can destroy gastric mucous membrane very easily.

Once gastric mucous membrane is damaged, over time, it will induce all kinds of stomach discomfort, seriously damage the health of the body.

Therefore, no matter how hard it is, we should stick to quitting smoking and drinking. We can’t give it up, so we should try to smoke and drink less.

Winter stomach, remember “three, four more”

Third, we need:

  1. Eat breakfast in the morning

Breakfast is the most important step to nourish the stomach.

When you get up in the morning, be sure to eat a warm, nutritious breakfast.

After overnight digestion and absorption, in the morning, the body’s stomach acid is relatively strong, need food to neutralize.

If you don’t eat breakfast, too much stomach acid will damage the gastric mucosa, causing all kinds of stomach discomfort.

And the stomach, like warm hot, breakfast had better choose warm food, can wake up stomach gas, more conducive to digestion.

A nutritious breakfast can be a good source of energy for the body, which is especially important for a healthy day.

  1. Drink hot tea between meals

During the cold winter months, drinking hot tea between meals is good for the stomach.

Tea, regulate the spleen and stomach, mild and lasting, especially unique advantages, good stomach health.

Drink tea to raise stomach, want first choice flowers and plants, bubble water substitute tea, warm stomach drive cold, is a good choice.

Dried tangerine peel tea of wood yam, bubble water instead of tea, anti – inflammatory, stomach pain, promote digestion, protect stomach health.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, mu Yams, enter liver, stomach two classics, be good at clear stomach hot, stop stomachache, be beneficial to stomach health.

Modern pharmacology studies show that Chinese yam, also can kill helicobacter pylori, reduce the incidence of gastric ulcer, for various types of epigastric pain, also have the effect of improvement.

Tangerine peel, bitter taste, into the spleen and lung two channels, qi invigorate the spleen, regulating and neutralizing the stomach, good at improving qi stagnation of the spleen and stomach.

In addition, the volatile oil contained in tangerine peel can stimulate smooth muscle of gastrointestinal tract, promote digestion, discharge intestines to accumulate gas, enhance appetite.

The two together, bubble water instead of tea, stomach sterilization, anti-inflammatory pain, kill helicobacter pylori, improve gastritis, gastric ulcer, spleen and stomach, the effect is particularly good.

  1. Knead your stomach after meals

Half an hour after a meal is the golden time to nourish the stomach.

After dinner half an hour or so, can knead the abdomen, patted any pulse.

Often knead the abdomen, conduce to stomach digestion and absorption, still can strengthen the spleen and stomach, benefit health.

Hands folded in the abdomen, navel as the center, press clockwise, counterclockwise, respectively rub 30 to 50 times.

After kneading the abdomen, patting any pulse gently, from top to bottom, can help digestion, strengthen the body.


  1. It’s hot

The stomach is very sensitive to temperature.

Stomach, like warm, afraid of cold cold.

This is also a cause of the high incidence of stomach diseases in winter.

Therefore, if you want to maintain the stomach, pay attention to how warm it is.

Water, to drink warm boiled water, plant tea, avoid drinking cold water, cold drinks, etc.

Food, also want to eat warm, as far as possible to eat cold dishes, raw and cold seafood, but do not eat hot food.

Fruit, in winter season, had better steam cooked eat, can reduce the cool sex of fruit, beneficial stomach bowel is healthy.

Also, keep your belly warm, keep your feet warm, and cover your belly button when you sleep, which is especially important for your stomach.

  1. Relax more

The body’s emotions can also affect the stomach.

If, often too nervous, anxious, depressed mood, are not good for the stomach health.

Tension and depression of the mood, will cause neuromodulation disorders, and then weaken the function of gastric mucosa protective barrier.

So, want your stomach to be good, must pay attention, relax more, learn to reduce your stress, maintain a calm good mood, the combination of work and rest, is conducive to the health of the stomach.

  1. Exercise more

Maintain stomach, insist to move, likewise indispensable.

Exercise can enhance gastrointestinal function, increase the secretion of digestive fluid, promote food digestion and nutrition absorption.

Walking, qigong, Taijiquan, jogging, cycling, swimming and so on are all good forms of exercise.

In addition, often move the toes, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, toes to do a continuous scratch, relaxed movement 60-90 times.

Get plenty of rest

Maintenance stomach, there is a saying “eat ginseng is better than sleep five more”.

That said, a good night’s sleep is especially important for a healthy stomach.

Once staying up late, the gastrointestinal tract will work overtime, easily induce ulcers and other serious damage to the stomach.

A good night’s sleep is a natural remedy to repair the stomach and help it repair itself.

So, pay attention to more rest, early to bed and get up early, go to sleep before 11 o ‘clock in the evening, the morning is not bad bed.