An 86-year-old Chinese medicine doctor who has been fighting cancer for more than 50 years warns: Cancer is most afraid of this dish! Beware of these three types of people

Yu Rencun, one of China’s most famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and anti-cancer, is a guest in yangshengtang. He is 86 years old and has been fighting against cancer for more than 50 years.

Yu will share these 50 years of anti-cancer experience to us, and brought two anti-cancer magic weapons! Take a look.

The tongue has these three symptoms. Watch out for cancer

Yu Old summary, want to oneself not tumour, want to solve a few sub-health state of the body first, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment.

Jia Liqun, director of oncology department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, China-japan Friendship hospital reminds: cancer omen, look at the tongue to know! In particular, tumors of the digestive tract.

1, red tongue

The tip of the tongue is the fire of the heart. People with a red tip of the tongue have heat syndrome, inflammation, acid reflux, bitter mouth, insomnia, irritability, which are the precancerous symptoms of upper digestive tract malignant tumors.

2, cleft tongue

The middle of the tongue indicates the spleen and stomach, and the middle of the tongue has irregular cracks, indicating gastrointestinal diseases. Statistics show that the probability of precancerous disease of cracked tongue reaches 34.3%.

3, stasis tongue

Insufficient spleen and stomach transport body fluid, causing phlegm heat, leading to precancerous lesions. People with hot phlegm in their body are easy to suffer from: uncomfortable throat, bitter mouth, dry mouth, irritability, insomnia.

The stasis tongue is obviously purple and dark, the probability of cancer is higher than the first two, 3 times higher than the normal tongue!

Cancer fears this dish the most!

Are there any cancer-preventing foods in your daily life?

The first magic weapon against cancer that yu Lao brings is the seaweed that often uses to mix cold dish in daily life actually!

According to Yu Lao, seaweed is also a traditional Chinese medicine.

Ancient books used it as a cure for cancer. Its main function is soft and firm loose knot, can regulate a kind of can cause cancer of evil poison.

Modern medical research has also found that a variety of components in seaweed have enhanced immunity, tumor inhibition and other very good anti-cancer effects.

  1. Anti-tumor

Seaweed polysaccharides in seaweed have the effect of enhancing immunity and anti-cancer.

Seaweed also contains a special protein called glycoprotein, some of which have been found to inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells.

  1. Preventing stroke and lowering blood clots

Seaweed contains a certain amount of linoleic acid and linolenic acid and other essential fatty acids.

The alginate sulfate extracted from seaweed polysaccharides (starch) has the cholesterol-lowering effect, and the arteriosclerosis has the inhibitory effect.

Cold algae

Ingredients: seaweed, white radish

How to do it: Shred the radish and stir it with seaweed

Secret recipe of yu Lao cancer prevention: Astragalus drink

According to Yu Lao, western medicine treatment, Traditional Chinese medicine to nourish the evil, maintenance treatment, is a good way to treat the tumor. The second magic weapon that yu Lao brings prevents cancer namely: Astragalus.

Astragalus is the first medicine to replenish qi. Rich in polysaccharides, can improve the phagocytosis of cells and the regeneration ability of immune cells, enhance immunity.

Studies have found that ASTRagalus polysaccharide (APS) in astragalus membranaceus (ASTRagalus membranaceus) can turn up low immune function and inhibit and kill tumor cells.

Yu Lao uses astragalus to bring a righting foundation

Correct the base side

Materials: raw astragalus 30 grams, radix pseudostellariae 20 grams, 15 grams of fructus ligustris ligustris, 10 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of caulis spatholipis, 5 dates, 15 grams of golden buckwheat

Health astragalus supplementation in qi, health solid table

Radix pseudostellariae replenishes qi and lung and produces saliva

Fructiae ligustri and wolfberry fruit nourish the liver and kidney and benefit the shrewd eye

Caulis spatholepis nourishes the blood and promotes circulation

Jujube to fill deficiency and stomach, harmonize spleen and stomach

Gold buckwheat clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood consumption carbuncle

In the last few sessions of the program, Zhang Hongchun zhang, a senior student of Chinese medical master Chao Enxiang, gave us a prescription — a prescription for fixing cough — which chao had been engaged in the research of lung diseases for more than 60 years, to strengthen the spleen and lung, and to strengthen and protect the health of the spirit.

Astragalus membranaceus and Radix pseudostellariae are also the main ingredients. Astragalus membranaceus enrichees the lungs and strengthens the spleen, and radix pseudostellariae strengthens the lungs and strengthens the spleen.

On the basis of Guben cough remedy, Director Zhang taught us to brew a cup of tea on the spot, which is called “Lung strengthening and spleen strengthening tea”.

Lung-strengthening and spleen-strengthening tea

Ingredients: Radix pseudostellariae 6g, Huangjing 6g, Astragalus 6g, Fangfeng 3G, Atractylodes 3g

Practice: add 500-800 milliliters of water, decocted for future generations tea drink divided by drinking.

Efficacy: invigorate qi, strengthen spleen, strengthen stomach and prevent colds

Suitable for: cough, short of breath, easy to catch a cold, sweating, less food, stool sugar people

Astragalus: Replenish qi

Radix pseudostellariae: invigorate qi and Yin, strengthen lung and spleen

Huang Jing: Medicine and food homology, qi – nourishing Yin, spleen, lung, kidney

Atractylodes: invigorate the spleen and invigorate qi, treat abdominal fullness and diarrhea caused by deficiency of spleen and stomach, used for phlegm and edema.

Fangfeng: release the table, blood circulation pain relief

Eat anti-cancer vegetables in your daily life

A daily cup of anti-cancer tonic

Make your body stronger