U.S. jets scrambled after ‘intruding’ plane over Trump campaign rally

According to CNN (CNN) reports, the local time 28, a plane in the United States President Trump in Arizona, Bullhead City (Bullhead City) rally into restricted airspace, and then the North American Aerospace Defense Command sent F-16 fighter jets to the air emergency intercept, drive away the aircraft.

In a statement to CNN, NORAD spokesman John Cornelio said, “At approximately 1400 hours (North American Mountain Daylight Time) on October 28, NORAD directed F-16s to investigate an aircraft that failed to contact air traffic control and entered without proper clearance to General aviation aircraft in a temporary no-fly zone (TFR) near Bullhead City, Arizona.”

“The violating aircraft did not respond to the initial intercept procedures, but established radio communications after NORAD fighters sent a flare,” Cornelio added.The violating aircraft were escorted out of the exclusion zone by NORAD fighters and no further Accident.”

CNN described the incident, at the time, from the ground in Arizona can not see “intruder” aircraft, but can hear the sound of fighter jets overhead.

CNN said, according to Johns Hopkins University data, Arizona every day new cases of crown infections are on the rise, and 28 days to participate in the Trump campaign rally many people are wearing masks, but they did not maintain a social distance.