What should I do if I experience motion sickness with Chinese acupuncture? These 5 ways to help you out

Acupuncture is very often the main treatment of choice, and if a patient is not comfortable taking medication or if the medication has already had an adverse reaction, they may choose to use acupuncture therapy to manage their illness. However, acupuncture therapy is still risky, and some patients may experience needle sickness on the 1st injection or if they do not eat before the injection, which is an adverse reaction to acupuncture and needs to be addressed immediately.

What do I need to do for acupuncture to treat needle sickness?

  1. Lie down and rest

The first thing to do when transporting the needle is to rest the patient flat on their back, as this is the only way to avoid constant irritation, and then resting flat on their back will also help the patient to adjust their body more quickly and be able to get out of the state of needle sickness. Usually, needle sickness is caused by excessive tension or over-stimulation during treatment, so it can be recovered in a period of time.

2、Strengthen the warmth

When the patient is weak, some patients will be pale and sweaty, so it is necessary to strengthen the measures to keep warm. Because the patient’s body is abnormal when the needle is faint, it is easy to be influenced by the invasion of external evils, leading to disease attacks, so it is necessary to do a good job of keeping warm to avoid the disease.

3、Pull out the needle immediately

Needle removal should be done immediately if needle sickness occurs during acupuncture treatment. Because the cause of the patient’s needle sickness cannot be determined immediately when it occurs, it is important to avoid continuing to cause irritation this time, and therefore the needles need to be removed as well. As soon as the needles are all removed, the patient’s symptoms will usually be reduced.

4、Take warm water or sugar water

It is important to give warm water and sugar water to patients after they have been fainted by the needle to ensure that their bodies recover faster and adjust to normal conditions. Because the warm water and sugar water is a mild stimulation, can promote the digestive tract and circulatory system for adjustment, but also to relieve the patient’s nausea and vomiting and physical weakness symptoms.

5, acupuncture people in

For patients who are more severe with dizzy needles and produce unconsciousness, it is best to carry out local acupuncture treatment, which is different from this level voice real level, and mainly also adjusts to various irritating points to help patients restore qi and blood flow, and cause strong stimulation to make patients awake. However, when performing the treatment, it is best to use it in conjunction with other treatments in order to better ensure the patient’s bodily functions.

There are also risks associated with acupuncture treatment, but these risks are small, and as long as the patient is careful about what they eat and drink before the acupuncture and doesn’t get too nervous, they usually don’t get needle sickness. Even if needle sickness does occur, the symptoms are usually not too severe and can be treated promptly and recovered over time.