Here comes the countermeasure, China announces sanctions against three major US arms giants, Pompeo: expects China to reconsider

In recent years, China’s international status has been rising with its rapid development. Faced with this situation, the United States has begun to worry that China will take over its position as the head of major powers, for this reason, the United States began to find ways to curb China’s development, including the frequent suppression of Chinese enterprises, the inclusion of a number of Chinese media on the list of the so-called “foreign missions”. In addition, recently, the United States also approved three arms trade orders, a serious infringement of China’s interests.

China announced sanctions against three major U.S. arms giants

According to the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency released on October 21, the U.S. State Department on the day the news was released approved three arms trade orders, and the trade cooperation involving another party is China Taiwan, and the total value of up to $1.8 billion. It is understood that the order includes weaponry including Lockheed Martin’s “Seamus” multiple rocket launcher system, Boeing Defense SLAM-ER extended-range air-to-surface missile and Raytheon MS-110 new reconnaissance pods.

The U.S. is seriously interfering in China’s internal affairs and seriously infringing on China’s interests, which the Chinese side has solemnly negotiated with the U.S. side, but the U.S. did not pay any attention to it and insisted on conducting the arms deal with Taiwan. According to the Foreign Ministry’s official website, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in an October 26 statement that China has decided to sanction the three major U.S. arms giants Lockheed Martin, Boeing Defense Co. and Raytheon Co. involved in the arms deal.

As a result, these three companies will face great losses, the Lockheed Martin panicked, its immediate response that the deal belongs to the “government-to-government deal”; and Boeing defense companies are also unable to sit still, its also stated that Boeing defense companies will still try to develop business in China; and Raytheon is so far has not made any statement.

Pompeo: looking to China to reconsider

It is worth noting that Lockheed Martin, one of the three major US arms giants, has not been sanctioned by China for the first time. It is known that the company had been sanctioned by China for its arms sales to Taiwan back in July this year. The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo quickly responded to the news of the sanctions by saying that the U.S. deeply regretted China’s actions in sanctioning Lockheed Martin and hoped that China would reconsider its decision.

It is not difficult to see that the U.S. is still very important to the Chinese arms market, especially in the context of the U.S. economy is seriously affected by the epidemic, the U.S. arms dealers in order to the survival and development of enterprises, it is all the more necessary to deepen cooperation with China. However, their behavior this time has destroyed the good atmosphere of cooperation with China, so if they are not able to correct their mistakes in a timely manner, then their losses may be even greater.