Are you eating the right sweet potatoes in the fall and winter?

1: Raw sweet potatoes are about 75% water, with about 20% carbohydrates in the solids, including about 2 grams of fiber and 4 grams of sugar. “Sweet potatoes are high in sugar” is relative to other grains, 4% sugar content is not high, and many fruits are much higher than it. Stomach acid is also not produced by eating sugar, but by eating all foods. Therefore, it is nonsense that eating sweet potatoes “produces a lot of stomach acid heartburn”.

2, even if the sweet potato contains “oxidase”, its biochemical activity is not “to produce gas in the intestine”. In addition, most people eat sweet potatoes are cooked to eat, in the case of cooked, the enzyme has already lost activity.

3: Sweet potatoes can be eaten with persimmons. The sugar in sweet potatoes isn’t that high. What’s more, the sugar will not be fermented in the stomach. The tannin and pectin in persimmons will not react with the sweet potatoes to produce precipitation, regardless of whether they are fermented or not.

4, any food, as long as there is no problem eating alone, then eating together will not produce toxicity; some foods mixed together, may have an effect on some of these components, but does not have a significant impact on the overall nutritional value of the food, is not worth the struggle. These so-called match-up contraindications for sweet potatoes and other foods are all made up by the letter of the law and have no scientific basis. As long as the normal balanced diet is good, do not believe in the so-called “health guidance”.