Dizziness and trouble sleeping? Say goodbye to the spleen and kidney deficiency minor problems, 2 practices to learn

I believe that many young people have this experience, from morning to night are yawning; from winter to spring are shouting cold; forgetfulness, where to go where things are thrown; moving ulcers, fire, back pain, hair loss, dizziness, poor sleep, these minor problems have become a routine, especially for today’s young people, the most common symptom is fatigue.

What is exhaustion?

Many people often feel tired and lack of energy, some of which is caused by overwork, which can be relieved by rest, but there are also some people, especially the elderly, who feel tired and lack of energy even without too much activity, which still cannot be relieved after rest, which requires active measures for treatment.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the fatigue is mostly found in the deficiency, and the spleen and kidney and other organs related to the deficit, the kidney is the origin, the spleen is the origin, the kidney hides essence, the spleen transports water and grain essence, the spleen and kidneys are both deficient, can not provide the body with the required nutrients, can not maintain the normal operation of the organs, so it is easy to appear fatigue.

If there is fatigue, although it seems to be a minor problem in daily life, it will often affect daily life over a long period of time, so it is better to make timely adjustments.

How do you manage fatigue and tiredness?

If the fatigue is caused by a deficiency of the Spleen and Kidneys, warming and tonifying the Spleen and Kidneys can be done.

Dietary Regulation

It is recommended to eat black and yellow, as well as salty and sweet diets as much as possible. The kidneys are innate and the spleen is innate, and they can nourish each other, which means that you can focus on eating foods that strengthen the spleen and replenish the kidneys, depending on the severity of the deficiency of the spleen and kidneys. The five elements theory of Chinese medicine, salty kidneys, sweet into the spleen, kidney main black, spleen main yellow, so the kidneys can eat more black and salty food, the spleen can eat more yellow and sweet food. If the symptoms of spleen and kidney deficiency are obvious, it is recommended that dietary supplements be supplemented and medication be the main treatment.

drug regimen

Lack of energy can also follow the doctor’s advice to take Chinese medicine to treat, for example, the clinical commonly used solid essence and kidney pills, its composition of both Chinese yam can replenish the spleen and stomach, and baji can replenish the kidney to help Yang, Chinese wolfberry can nourish Yin and tonify the kidney, can also restrict Yang medicine is too warm and dry, harmonize Yin and Yang, so that both the spleen and kidney, spleen and kidney, comprehensive improvement of the symptoms of lack of energy.

Of course in the process of medication, but also pay attention to the medication matters, in order to get twice the results with half the effort.

What matters should be paid attention to when taking the medication?

For the use of drugs, only in accordance with the correct use of methods to use can effectively treat the disease, solid essence kidney pills for tonic class of drugs, generally need to fasting service, that is, in the meal before taking the effect is better, before meal to avoid the interference caused by food, so that it is better absorption, so it is recommended to take half an hour to an hour before meal is more appropriate. In addition in taking the solid kidney pills avoid eating spicy and irritating, greasy food, such as chili, spicy hot pot, spicy duck neck, fat meat, barbecue, etc., in addition to prohibit smoking and alcohol.

Daily life management

1, sexual life is moderate, not forced, not indulgent.

2, maintain a relaxed mood. Promote a clear mind and restlessness, quiet maintenance. The actuality that you will be able to get the most out of this, you’ll be able to get the most out of it.

3, work and rest on time, to ensure adequate sleep.

4, often waist activities, but also do some more for the kidney area acupuncture points foot massage, can play a beneficial essence to tonify the kidneys, strengthen the body, prevent premature aging, and can relieve the liver and eyes, throat clearing heart, promote sleep, increase appetite.

5, can take a walk, jogging, yoga, playing tennis, playing tai chi and other forms of exercise, to insist on, persevere.

In short, the appearance of fatigue must be more attention, timely conditioning, daily life, pay attention to care, with drugs to take health status natural return.