Doctors tell the truth: If you are often constipated, your intestines will become more and more clogged if you don’t stop eating three types of foods

Many people have had the trouble of constipation, which is not unrelated to the modern life and eating habits, if usually always love to eat food that is likely to lead to constipation, and finally inevitably will appear constipation. And when constipation really happens, it’s not just a physical torture, but also inevitably have a certain impact on the spirit, which can be said to be more harmful. The doctor in the diagnosis of many constipation after the patient said truth, often constipated people, the following three foods do not quit, no wonder the intestines will become more and more blocked.

What three foods should you cut out if you are constipated to avoid an increasingly blocked intestine?

The first type of food is the fine category. Now people pay attention to a fine, and penetrate into all aspects of life, including the daily diet here. It can be said that now many people eat more and more fine, here the fine refers to the diet, eating a large number of refined rice and noodles as the staple food, meat is more of a choice of refined meat, like ham sausage, vegetables, some people are to be squeezed into vegetable juice to drink, or is cut into small and crushed, and then eaten fried, and finally lead to the food inside the dietary fiber are destroyed.

Dietary fiber is a substance that can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, this substance itself are a large number of existing in the coarse grain, but due to the refined processing habits, and finally led to the coarse fiber more and more eat less and less, not conducive to the formation of feces, but also easily lead to dry stool, so that constipation will become more and more serious, even if there is a desire to stool, but also difficult to usually discharge. So the doctor reminded us that if we want to have a smooth stomach and eat less fine food, eat more coarse grains, such as corn, oats and so on, of course, when eating a simple processing can be.

The second type of food is high in sugar content. This kind of sweet food is the favorite of many people, indeed eat sweets can increase a person’s psychological pleasure, delicious taste is let a person no way to let go, but the high content of sugar, not only the heat exceeds the standard, eat into the stomach inside will produce a lot of fat, and this kind of food in the fiber content is also more low, the water is also poor.

So in the combination of many factors, and finally often constipated patients, the more you eat feces will become dry and hard, and with the slowing of gastrointestinal peristalsis, the more difficult it will eventually be to discharge. If the feces for a long time in the intestinal tract dry jelly, not only easy to cause toxic substances to the body to cause secondary damage, there is a greater risk of intestinal obstruction, to the time may not only diet so simple, serious even to surgery.

The third one is meat with high protein content. The protein in meat, is a lot of people look at the nutrients, it is not false, but for people who are often constipated, the intake of this animal protein, is undoubtedly to bring their digestive system inevitable disaster. Because the body for animal protein is to spend more time than plant protein to digest, gastrointestinal burden, digestion is easy to poor, so it will inevitably cause constipation patients intestines more and more blocked phenomenon.

People who are often constipated, you should pay attention, usually try to eat less beef and lamb, such as high protein content of food, easy to cause indigestion, stomach peristalsis will thus become slow, so inevitably aggravate the constipation and increase intestinal blockage. Even if you eat meat, it is best to form a four-to-one distribution ratio with the vegetarian diet, with meat taking up one share.

In summary, frequent constipation is not a good phenomenon, in general, we should eat less of the above three foods, otherwise the intestines will become more and more blocked, health will become worse and worse.