Diabetes blood glucose testing is time sensitive, try to choose these five times, the most suitable for testing

For people with diabetes, the most important thing in life is to keep their blood sugar under control and keep it at a constant level. To know if you are controlling your blood sugar well, it is essential to test your blood sugar regularly. There are several times of the day that are perfect for measuring blood sugar, and can reveal a lot about the problem, so let’s learn more about them.

What are the prime times of the day to measure blood sugar?

  1. After waking up in the morning

The best time to measure fasting blood glucose is after waking up in the morning. Measuring fasting blood glucose is very important for diabetics, as it can effectively reflect the function of pancreatic beta cells. Don’t eat anything after dinner the night before, and keep a fasting time of at least 8 hours, so that the fasting blood glucose measured is more accurate.

2、Two hours after eating.

Post-meal blood glucose can also be an effective reflection of the body’s insulin function and can reflect the control of blood sugar. Many diabetics make the mistake of measuring their post-meal blood glucose, which is to measure two hours after all the meals, when in fact it should be timed from the first bite of the meal and measured two hours later. This is more accurate.

  1. Before lunch or dinner.

Measuring blood glucose before lunch or dinner is called preprandial blood glucose, and the reason for measuring preprandial blood glucose is to see if there is any continuity in the secretory function of the islet cells. By measuring blood glucose at this time, it is possible to know if a diabetic’s diet needs to be adjusted. In the case of diabetics who are taking glucose-lowering medication before a meal, they will also know if they need to adjust their glucose-lowering medication.

  1. Measure before bed

Measuring blood glucose before bedtime in diabetics is a good indicator of whether or not the pancreatic islet cells are able to control the blood glucose after dinner. If the islet cells are not able to control the blood glucose after dinner, it is dangerous to have low blood glucose easily in sleep, and it is necessary to eat some satiating food before going to bed.

5: Measure at 3 a.m. in the middle of the night

The reason why it is still necessary to measure the blood sugar at 3 am in the middle of the night is to help people determine whether the high blood sugar occurs at night or in the early morning. If there are people with diabetes who have the phenomenon of sugammujer, it is more important to measure at this time, otherwise the night hypoglycemia is very dangerous.

These are some of the most significant times when it makes sense for diabetics to measure their blood glucose. Diabetics should purchase a home meter so that they can measure their blood glucose at any time, especially if something special happens.