The “cornshave” is too powerful.

Corn whiskers, that is, the whiskers on the tip of the corn, many people will throw it away, in fact, corn whiskers also have many uses. Corn whiskers, also known as yumai whiskers, is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, used to soak water to drink great benefits to the body. Sweet taste, not only economical, but also good health effects, especially for high blood fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and other people, below we come to understand the efficacy and role of corn whiskers.

Efficacy of corn whiskers

1, corn whiskers can help diuretic, corn whiskers contain sugar, malic acid, citric acid, vitamin K, inorganic salts (potassium salt is particularly high). Corn whiskers decocted water after taking, can help eliminate the body’s chloride, increase urine output, its diuretic effect is extra-renal, and can inhibit the excretion of protein.

2, corn whiskers can help lower blood pressure, bile can help participate in the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, if bile is insufficient, will make part of the fat and cholesterol incomplete decomposition, thus entering the liver, and then into our blood, blood cholesterol and fat accumulation, it is easy to cause hypertension, stroke, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, heart disease and so on. The corn beard can help bile secretion, promote bile excretion, and can reduce the organic matter and impurities in bile, viscosity, specific gravity and bilirubin content. So as to prevent high blood pressure and other diseases, is the daily health of the elderly tool.

The role of corn whiskers

1, corn can help lower blood sugar, corn contains saponins, flavonoids, chromium and other substances, saponins is the main component of blood sugar, and flavonoids because it contains strong antioxidant capacity, can help prevent the occurrence of complications of diabetes, chromium is a component of sugar-resistant substances, contribute to the strengthening of insulin function. So corn beans is a good helper for diabetics to assist in lowering sugar.

2, corn whiskers can help clotting, corn whiskers contain vitamin K, vitamin K is an important vitamin to help treat blood clotting dysfunction, so corn whiskers can also assist in blood clotting.

After soaking corn whiskers in water, the nutrients inside the corn whiskers will work better with the water molecules. Drinking corn whiskers after soaking in water will not only not damage the body, but also help the healthy development of the body and enhance its own health. And because it contains more nutrients, it plays a medical effect on many diseases. Hurry up and take action!