Autumn is cool and refreshing, so it’s the right time to nourish yin and dryness and strengthen the body’s health

In the Lingnan region, where it is “once a year hot, once a year hot”, the weather is slowly getting cooler. Ye Yan, director of the Pulmonary (Respiratory) Department at the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, reminds us that the air is dry at this time and yang energy is gradually withdrawn, turning from wet to dry and from warm to cold.

Early to bed and early to rise, in line with the Yang qi Shu long

After autumn, nature’s yang energy gradually turns to convergence, until the winter’s closure, so compared to the summer, the daily routine should be adjusted accordingly, to sleep early and get up early. Early lying in order to comply with the collection of yin essence, in order to raise “income” gas, early to rise in order to comply with the stretching of yang qi, so that the lung qi to stretch.

Autumn exercise, focusing on benefiting the lungs to moisten dryness, such as practicing Tui Na Gong, kowtowing and swallowing to moisten dryness, while climbing, jogging, walking, playing ball, swimming, cold water bath; or practice Wuxin Opera, playing Tai Chi, doing eight brocade, practicing gymnastics. It is also important to keep warm and be careful of catching cold.

Eat more lung soup

Spring and summer nourish yang, while autumn and winter nourish yin. In general, the yang energy between heaven and earth gradually withdraws in autumn and the weather is dry. Autumn is the year of gold, and the five organs merge with the lungs, so the lungs are the most vulnerable in autumn. The lungs are united with the fur, so they are prone to symptoms such as cracked lips, itchy nose, dry throat and cough.

In the Southern Lingnan region, the “dryness” of the white dew is “warm dryness”, while the “dryness” of the autumn equinox is “cool dryness”. Therefore, in terms of diet, we should pay attention to eat more moist, sour and sweet food to nourish yin, such as lotus root, pear, sugar cane, silver fungus, chrysanthemum, etc., and try to eat less onion, ginger, chili and other pungent products, in order to prevent the effects of autumn dryness. In the fall, you can make a soup that will moisten and nourish the body, such as the bamboo lily, pork and lean pork soup, duck and carrot soup, corn and peanut raw fish soup, pork liver soup with pomelo flowers, fig and white crucian carp soup, tyrant flower and honey date pork soup, honey pomelo tea and so on, which are all family health products.

It’s not just a matter of time, it’s also a matter of time before you have a chance to get your hands on a newborn baby. This is especially true for many patients with chronic diseases, such as obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, asthma and other chronic pulmonary diseases, on the basis of reasonable control of blood sugar can be increased in autumn sufficient protein and other nutritional intake, to provide enough energy for the rehabilitation of lung function.