Brain infarction is mostly “eat” out, remind: these three kinds of food less touch, don’t give blood vessels “add blockage”!

The brain is the most important and complex part of the human body and is the center of all nervous systems. Once the brain function is abnormal, it will seriously affect the function of other organs and even threaten people’s life, such as cerebral necrosis, cerebral infarction and other diseases. There are many reasons to induce brain infarction, but in the end, it can’t be separated from people’s daily bad diet and living habits, in fact, brain infarction is mostly caused by “eating”, and these three kinds of food are the root cause of brain infarction.

These 3 kinds of food are the “root cause” of cerebral infarction, quickly stay away from them!

The first: heavy food.

Due to the changing diversity of food, the public’s tastes have also changed, increasingly preferring heavy-flavored foods, which can satisfy temporary taste needs, but once consumed in excess, it is easy to cause damage to the body. Usually heavy foods are higher in salt content. Under normal circumstances, the daily salt intake of the human body is 6g, once exceeded, it will cause damage to the liver, stomach and blood vessels. The most common cause of cerebral infarction is the hardening of blood vessels caused by the rise of sodium ions in the blood as a result of long-term excessive intake of salt.

The second: foods high in sugar

I believe that many people like to eat foods that are high in sugar. Due to work, family and other aspects of pressure, many people like to eat some desserts to relieve stress, occasionally one or two is no big problem, but if you regularly eat high-sugar food, will lead to high blood sugar, high blood fat, high blood pressure and other diseases, thus inducing diabetes, and cause serious damage to blood vessels. In addition, if you consume too much high-sugar food, the unmetabolized food calories will be converted into fat and piled up in your body, which will increase the thickness of blood, impede the delivery of blood and nutrients and greatly increase the chance of getting sick.

Third: High-fat, high-calorie foods

On the basis of the increase in economic income, people’s daily diet level has also further improved, big fish and meat has already become commonplace, but because of this, people gradually increase in weight, fat more and more, blood lipids and blood pressure is also increasingly high, because people often consume a large number of high-fat, high-calorie food, such as fried chicken, fatty meat and other foods. Once the liver and stomach can’t bear these heavy burdens, the unconsumed heat in the body will be converted into fat and piled up in the body, which will easily lead to high blood fat.

Adhere to these 3 good habits, brain attacks away from you

Habit 1: Regular work and rest

The normal functioning of the brain cells need to have sufficient sleep as support. Many people often stay up late because of work and playing games, resulting in poor skin and mental state, because the human internal metabolism, secretion and other functions are disordered, the garbage in the blood, toxins, cholesterol and other substances can not be discharged in a timely manner, the blood circulation is blocked, viscosity increases, it is easy to induce cerebral infarction.

Habit 2: adjust diet

It is recommended that all people eat more vegetables, light food, such as lettuce, fungus, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, seaweed and other vegetables, for vascular health is very beneficial, can help the blood vessels to remove the accumulation of waste, toxins, purify the blood vessels, promote human metabolism, blood flow smoothly, the body’s organ function is naturally enhanced.

Habit three: insist on exercise

To keep away from brain infarction, blood clot and other diseases, one must keep exercising for a long time. This is because during exercise, the kidneys will be stimulated to secrete a large amount of adrenaline to promote the health of the heart, and when the heart beats faster, the function of blood transportation will also be improved, which will hinder the formation of blood clots and greatly reduce the chances of brain infarction.