High blood pressure and eating indiscriminately, do not pay attention to these 4 points to avoid blood pressure soaring

The prevalence of hypertension has been increasing, and many people are still at a higher risk of developing it as they age. Some people may not understand the relationship between hypertension and diet and do not exercise dietary control, which often makes hypertension worsen and eventually leads to various cardiovascular diseases.

What do I need to be aware of in order to control my high blood pressure and diet?

  1. Eat less salt.

Excessive salt intake will often lead to an increase in blood pressure, and it is difficult to control, because salt contains sodium, and the supplementation of sodium will significantly increase the blood concentration, so the blood pressure is also significantly higher. Of course, it is not true that patients with hypertension can’t consume salt, but if the salt is too low, it will also affect other functions of the body.

2、Control fat intake

At present, most people’s diet has been inseparable from the intake of fat, whether it is cooking or eating meat, more or less will ingest some fat, but hypertensive patients must control the amount of fat intake, otherwise it is easy to cause high blood lipid problems. When cooking food, it is best not to choose the deep-fried method, stewing and other methods can effectively reduce the intake of fat. In addition, when adding fat, hypertensive patients can add some unsaturated fatty acids, and try to avoid saturated fatty acids, so as to reduce the risk of high blood lipid attacks.

3, avoid drinking alcohol

In general, drinking alcohol can promote blood circulation, but if you drink a little too much alcohol, it is likely to increase the burden on the body’s circulatory system, and the symptoms of hypertension will become severe. There are many hypertensive patients often because after drinking alcohol, leading to increased blood pressure, local embolism, but also triggered cardiovascular disease.

4、More vitamins and minerals

High blood pressure is a typical disease of the metabolic system, so the best diet to promote the metabolism of the diet, many fruits and vegetables are rich in a large number of vitamins and minerals, if more intake can effectively promote metabolism. And eating more fruits and vegetables can also help the body to self-regulate, and will not be prone to the problem of long-term high blood pressure.

People with high blood pressure can pay more attention to calorie and salt control. These are often the main factors that cause cardiovascular disease attacks, in addition to the need to abstain from alcohol, hypertensive patients drinking alcohol is a great danger, sometimes even because of the influence of alcohol can lead to acute cardiovascular disease attacks, not conducive to the control and treatment of the condition.