Strokes are only related to the elderly? Wrong! Keep these 5 things in mind if you want to stay safe from stroke

It is said that youth is the principal, but if it is out of health, it is worthless.

Nowadays, health issues about young people are on the news at every turn, and it has made many people who consider themselves to be in good health, worry. This is especially true with regard to the youthfulness of strokes.

This stroke, isn’t it always a high incidence among the elderly, but why is it becoming more common among the younger population? In fact, not all young people are prone to stroke, there are some common characteristics in these “hit” people.

4 habits easily stalked by stroke

  1. stay up late.

Irregular work and rest, stay up all night seems to have become the norm for young people, it is not surprising that lack of sleep is likely to increase blood pressure, accelerate atherosclerosis, increase the pressure on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and in the long run, increase the chances of brain stroke.

  1. Irregular diet

Irregular meals and a tendency to eat foods high in sugar, calories and cholesterol can easily raise blood pressure/glycemia/cholesterol, which is one of the risk factors for stroke.

  1. Lack of exercise

Sedentary work is the norm, after work also rarely exercise, it is easy to lead to obesity, induce some basic diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and so on.

4、Smoking and alcoholism

Cigarettes in the nicotine can make the blood vessels spasm, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, accelerated arteriosclerosis; excessive alcohol consumption on the brain cells have damage, making the decline in intelligence, high cholesterol, smoking and alcoholism are prone to induce a stroke.

If you have the above 4 bad habits, it definitely increases the risk of having a stroke, and we need to do the following 5 things if we want to stay away from a stroke.

Prevent Stroke Do these 5 things.

1、Dietary prevention

Diet needs to be nutritionally balanced, light-based, eat less food that is easy to induce three high, avoid overeating, appropriate drinking water, is conducive to the discharge of excess body waste.

2, adhere to the appropriate exercise

Life is exercise, young people should give themselves time to exercise, proper exercise is conducive to blood circulation, reduce thrombosis, but also promote lipid metabolism, improve blood HDL cholesterol content, you can choose jogging, swimming, mountaineering exercise, and exercise can also reduce stress.

3、Adequate sleep

Not less than 7 hours of sleep a day, relax the body and brain, usually work for a period of time should also get up and walk around, you can look into the distance; also do not move to lose your temper, easy blood pressure soaring, to stabilize their emotions, learn to adjust.

4, quit smoking and alcohol

Quit smoking and alcohol, you can drink some green tea, not only can replenish the body’s water needs, but also antioxidant, help prevent arteriosclerosis.

5, regular checkups

Scheduling an annual physical examination for yourself is very helpful in preventing strokes from occurring, especially if you have underlying diseases yourself, such as hypertension and diabetes, you need to monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar to detect risks early and take appropriate preventive and control measures.

Identify FAST Early detection and treatment

Before the onset of a stroke, there are signs, and if they are detected in time, many complications and sequelae can be avoided. To identify information about a stroke, remember that FAST, or fast, the three hours before a stroke occurs is the prime treatment period, and don’t delay if there are signs.

F: Face – whether the corners of the mouth are crooked and the face is asymmetrical.

A: Arms – Weakness and inability to lift the arms.

S: Language – slurred speech and lack of clarity of expression.

T: Time – If all the FAS are reached, then seek help from 120 (hospital).

To prevent stroke, the foundation is to develop a healthy lifestyle, including our diet, smoking and alcohol cessation, proper exercise, weight control and many other aspects; also remember FAST, early recognition of stroke signals, to win valuable rescue time, timely intervention and reduce the sequelae.