Huawei’s mobile phone market share drops sharply and its leading position cannot be maintained

Although Huawei has been under sanctions for the last year and has been severely restricted in the supply of some key components. Despite this, Huawei still won first place in the global shipment rankings in April, May and June of this year. But the good times are short-lived, the United States on Huawei’s sanctions escalated on September 15 after the official implementation, the key chips can not be supplied, Huawei’s market share of mobile phones also fell.

Market research firm Counterpoint Research released a report on October 16, Samsung Electronics is currently the world’s largest smartphone supplier, and further widen the gap between Huawei.

Samsung’s market share increased by 2 percent compared to April this year. After gaining 21 percent market share in April, Huawei now has about 16 percent market share left and is expected to decline further.

For such results, many domestic netizens indignant, has been insisting on self-research Huawei, so hard to work out the brand reputation and market share, now because the other side of the ocean a paper ban actually ended up in a losing battle, it is sobering and indignant.

It is worth noting that, now just the initial stage of the ban began to implement, Huawei can still rely on the remnants of stock chips to hold on for some time. By next year, Huawei stock chips gradually consumed, Huawei’s market share can still be left how much?

Regardless of how Huawei will fare next year, how long will it remain the world’s second-largest smartphone maker this year alone?

Huawei announced shortly after the ban escalation that it was lowering its 2020 shipment target, and Huawei officially expects to ship 190 million handsets this year under the pressure of the sanctions. This shipment volume is more or less, but it will certainly be surpassed by Apple and barely retain the world’s third position.

Take a look at last year’s global smartphone shipments ranking. According to market research firm Counterpoint Research’s 2019 global smartphone shipment rankings released in February this year, throughout 2019, Samsung shipments are still ranked first in the world, shipping up to 296.5 million units, accounting for 20%, Huawei ranked second in the world, shipping 238.5 million units, accounting for 16%, Apple ranked Third in the world, with shipments of 196.2 million units, or 13 percent.

If Huawei manages to ship 190 million phones this year, it can barely maintain its third position in the world by last year’s standards, but it will still be overtaken by Apple. It’s worth mentioning that the Apple iPhone 12 has just recently gone on sale, and sales have been extremely strong. On all major e-commerce platforms and Apple’s official website, iPhone 12 series supplies were snapped up in just a few minutes, and the official website was also packed.

Many industry analysts say that the iPhone 12 will become Apple’s best-selling model in recent years. According to the Economic Times, the Chinese and Taiwanese telecom industry believes that sales of the iPhone 12 series models will be the strongest since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

While Apple’s iPhones are selling well, Huawei’s market share has been declining. We recently learned from a number of channels and industry insiders that Huawei’s share of the market has been dropping very fast lately, with many models in a state of severe out-of-stock.

But fortunately, Huawei still has one last shot at it. Huawei Mate 40 series flagship phone will be released soon, equipped with Huawei’s last high-end flagship chip Kirin 9000, the release of this phone can still create a climax of Huawei mobile phone sales.

As it is the last high-end mobile phone chip, Huawei is also not stingy with its upgrades. According to the foreign Geekbench website, the Kirin 9000 chip has a single-core score of 1016 and a multi-core score of 3688, much higher than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor.

The AnTuTu scores also prove that the Kirin 9000 will be the top Android processor of the year. The company’s newest product, the Kirin 9000, will be the first of its kind in the world.

The huge performance upgrade will undoubtedly help the Huawei Mate 40 series phone to sell a good score, and many Chinese people still have a very strong “domestic plot”, Huawei Mate 40 sales is not a problem. But after this wave of sales climax, Huawei’s high-end mobile phone may be due to the “lack of core”, and exit the market. At that time, the domestic high-end mobile phone market will continue to be dominated by Apple, this result, you can accept?