Fengxian incident is not resolved Harbin and “street kidnapping”

Children go home alone, parents are more worried, especially girls, in addition to the safety of the road, but also worried about children encounter bad guys. This is not, a few days ago, a ten-year-old girl in Harbin, Heilongjiang City, on the way home, it seems to be a strange man has been trailing.

In the afternoon of February 20, ten-year-old Zhang Ying (a pseudonym) was walking home alone when suddenly a man appeared behind her.

Zhang Ying (pseudonym): I was crossing the street there, a man asked me what time it was, I told him the time, then I went forward, he followed me behind, probably to the stairs that block, then I stopped, he held me, pull me, said to lead me to which subway station.

Zhang Ying said the man’s actions scared her, she desperately struggled to get rid of the man, but due to the small strength, a time to break free, then, a kind aunt came forward.

Zhang Ying (a pseudonym): I saw an aunt next to me, put a hand out, want her to help me, and then she took my hand, trying to pull me out, but the man also did not let go, and then the aunt wanted to call a car on the side of the road, so that the owner of the car to help us, and then the man ran away.

The public video of the incident that day showed that the specific actions of the man pulling and holding her as described by Zhang Ying were not presented, but in the video, the man did seem to have some contact with Zhang Ying.

Zhang Ying said that at that time, with the help of a kind aunt, the man reluctantly went away, they also hurried into the incident near a burrito store.

Zhang Ying (a pseudonym): I was particularly scared, afraid that he gave me abduction.

The temporary safety of Zhang Ying rushed to call her mother, who rushed to the bakery first and called the police.

Zhang Ying (pseudonym) mother Chen Ping (pseudonym): is afraid, the whole person shaking kind of state, hugging me has been crying, to the child scared quite serious, sleep at night you have to sleep with your arms.

Zhang Ying’s mother wanted to thank the aunt who helped her daughter in person, but the woman left without leaving any message after seeing Zhang Ying safe. Zhang Ying’s mother said she was very grateful to the woman and hoped to get in touch with her after seeing the news to thank her in person, and she also hoped that everyone who had clues about the man in the video could also contact her.

At present, the case is still pending further police investigation. At the same time, the police also called on parents and schools to strengthen the awareness of self-protection of children and try not to let children go out alone.