Frontline interview: Wuhan concentrated isolation of tens of thousands of “time and space accompaniment”

The Wuhan authorities have not only quarantined the close contacts and secondary contacts, but also the so-called “temporal companions”, which has led to civil discontent.

The health code of time and space companions did not turn yellow, but was asked to centralize the quarantine

The government’s decision to quarantine Mr. Wu, a resident of Wuhan, on the grounds that he is a “time-space companion”, was disclosed to the Epoch Times when it contacted him on the 23rd.

He said, “I received a notice today that I have to be put in centralized quarantine because I am a temporal companion, 14 days in a hotel and 14 days at home. A few colleagues in our unit were also notified.”

He said angrily, “spatio-temporal accompaniment” can not be considered a close connection, just in a period of time a geographical range of cell phone signals have intersection, “the results of Wuhan all of a sudden to the spatio-temporal accompaniment of all isolation.”

“It is a very strange thing that our code did not turn yellow, but we were notified of the quarantine. The trip code also didn’t show having been to a risky area.” He added, “No one in our family had to be quarantined, and I was the only one who had to go. Because I am on the list, my colleagues who are in the same situation.”

Mr. Wu believes that this time the government approach may be to “zero” overreaction, but also may have concealed the epidemic, “I have a colleague said is after a subway station was accompanied by time and space, but the publicly announced path of confirmed patients can not be found there.”

“There are too many people in quarantine to line up.”

Mr. Wu is still waiting for the car to take him to quarantine after receiving the quarantine notice. “The whole city of Wuhan is quarantining tens of thousands of people today, all in the name of the temporal accompanies, some say 50,000 people, but people in the community say there are more than 100,000.” He said.

He told reporters, “Now this side of Wuhan is very confusing because there are too many people in quarantine to line up, and so far I have not been informed to go to the car, nor told me which hotel to go to, and the community also said that they might call me up in the middle of the night to be on standby. I have colleagues who originally said they were going to get on the bus at seven o’clock, and still haven’t gotten on the bus by now.”

“There is no city like Wuhan before where there is such a massive segregation of time and space accompanies and everyone has a big opinion.” He said with dissatisfaction, “This is the equivalent of not being able to work for a month at once, and there is no compensation, our state-owned enterprises are better, just a big chunk of salary less, some private enterprises are even worse.”

He said, “Now there is talk in the government system that the city leaders are now engaged in such extreme leftist policies in order to protect their own black hats, regardless of their economic situation and financial capacity.”

The exact news of the epidemic had already spread among the private sector before the official announcement

According to Mr. Wu, he had already received definite news from a friend before the official announcement of the confirmed cases.

He said he received two messages from a friend on Monday afternoon. One was that the confirmed case lived in Building 28 of Poly Times Tianyue, and that the person came to Wuhan from Beijing on the 16th to attend the “Eagle Training” training of the new health industry service company, and tested positive for nucleic acid on Sunday the 20th, the day before he was scheduled to return to Beijing.

Another message is a picture, showing that the city command emergency notification, a hotel in Wuchang District, February 18-20 after the training session, a participant in the training in Beijing before returning to Beijing nucleic acid test positive, by the relevant training personnel tracking nucleic acid test, and found two cases, respectively, in Jiangan District, East Lake High-tech Zone, in Han action trajectory complex, involving multiple districts, is in the emergency flow of transfer.

The notice also requires the immediate activation of the emergency command system, all working groups, streets and departments to enter a wartime state, all health personnel are on duty.

He said, “At that time the official has not been announced, but there has been a lot of news, saying that there are many places in the exclusion of Wuhan back to the people, Wuhan side of the words have begun to seal the district, do nucleic acid. It has been until 9:10 p.m. like the official announcement that there is an epidemic.”

Officials have not announced the outbreak, but internal government notices have been circulating online. (From those in the know)

On the 23rd, the Wuhan Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued a notice that three places in Wuhan were adjusted to medium-risk areas, including Building 28 of Poly Times Tianyue District in East Lake High-tech Zone, Building 29 of Tongxin Garden District in Houhu Street in Jiangan District, and Door 127 of the 58th Street in Hongwei Road Street in Qingshan District.

Mr. Wu said, “In fact, the block was sealed a lot more than this, there should be dozens of it.”

Although an emergency notice from the Wuhan command called for all staff to enter a state of war, the Hubei Provincial Health Commission announced news of the outbreak on February 24, saying that 10 local cases were confirmed in Wuhan on the 23rd. The official figures are considered grossly inaccurate due to the CCP’s consistent concealment of the epidemic.

Closed campus management in Wuhan

According to the official outbreak press conference in Wuhan on the 23rd, the clustered outbreak of Omicron variant in Wuhan originated from a training session for 66 people on February 21, and among the confirmed cases were the trainers, family members of the trainers, in addition to 24 close contacts who had left Wuhan.

Mr. Wu said the official story is that the outbreak was triggered by those who came from a training course in Beijing, and that those people went to many places, all over the three towns of Wuhan. “I have colleagues were also once sealed in the district, their district in the same Xin Garden near.”

“At that time I thought, this has little to do with me, because our neighborhood is not in the beginning of the announcement of those activities near the track place.” He said, “The result is that today it suddenly notified the time and space accompanies all quarantine. Today the school is all closed, it seems very serious indeed.”

On February 23, Wuhan City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the press conference, Wuhan City Education Bureau, the relevant person in charge announced that the city of Wuhan campus closed management. Some schools and students in Wuhan have temporarily changed from offline to online teaching.

On the afternoon of February 23, Wuhan Vocational and Technical College WeChat released the Supplementary Notice of Returning to School for the Spring Semester 2022, announcing that all full-time teachers and students are temporarily returning to school.