In ancient times, “deer for horses” now “refers to plum for plum” Are you convinced? They are the same person

Jiangsu Province officials yesterday (February 23) released the latest investigation of the “eight children born in Feng County woman” notification, by the Ministry of Public Security, the Department of Physical Evidence to verify that the protagonist “Yang Mouman” (Yang Qingman) that is, from Yunnan, “Xiaohuamei”, not the missing Sichuan woman Li Ying.

Netizens questioned the “Dong Moumin, Yang Mouman marriage certificate photo of the woman and Yang Mouman is not the same person”, the briefing claimed that Yang Mouman recent photos are intercepted from the Shake video, after retouching the circulation to the Internet, and the actual appearance of differences. At the same time, the skin aging caused by age, hair degradation, liquefaction of fatty tissue and missing teeth and other factors, Yang Mouman appearance has also changed.

The news has been announced, netizens fried boiler. The Internet is full of “we are one person” photo posts, but also want to ask the Chinese Communist Party official: are you convinced? We are one person.

Netizen Alice: Ministry of Management believe it or not, just ask if you are convinced? The public security DNA and photo comparison, identification of myself and Fan Bingbing is the same person.

Netizen W. Bruce released a comparison photo of the smiling Mona Lisa and a cloaked man. Said they are one and the same person.

Netizen Old Lamp again posted a comparison photo of the small plum and the chain woman, angrily saying: this is referring to a deer as a horse, a blatant lie. Do not admit that the chain woman is Li Ying, is already this report completely Xinyang bankruptcy.

Netizen Moses boiled wine, posted a comparison photo of Xi Jinping and Pooh Bear, saying they are a “person”.

89 Tao Bing sent a comparison picture of Xi Jinping and pig face, also saying that they are one and the same.

Netizen Flank posted an animated picture of former U.S. President Barack Obama’s face converted into that of Dong Zhiming, saying that Dong is Obama.

A netizen followed up with a post saying: “It turns out that the United States is the death of my heart, Obama also came to China to give birth to eight children, undermining China’s family planning policy, brutalizing Chinese women.

A report released by New Tang Dynasty said that the appearance of the “chain woman” is highly similar to that of Li Ying, a missing girl from Sichuan, and a director from Feng County disclosed on Weibo that local people know that the “chain woman” is Li Ying, but because Li Ying’s father is a soldier, it is not good to speak out. The authorities cannot admit that she is Li Ying. A technology blogger posted a video on Weibo, saying that the computer software compared the photos of the “chain woman” and Li Ying and found a striking resemblance. But the official then blocked the blogger’s account.

The first two of the 100 people who went to see the chained woman on the net spontaneously were detained; the person who published the marriage certificate of Dong Zhiming and Xiao Meihua was questioned by the authorities; the writer of the chained woman was silenced; the girl who distributed leaflets on the street to call attention to the chained woman was disappeared; the place where the chained woman happened was enclosed by a tin wall overnight ……. What else can we do for the girl in chains?