Finger Ying for Mei! Jiangsu investigation report angered netizens 800 alumni co-signed a request for public information

The report on the investigation of the “chained girl” in Jiangsu Province has been released, angering netizens at home and abroad. More than 800 alumni from several prestigious universities have signed a petition to demand that Jiangsu authorities disclose information about the report’s formation.

On February 23, some university alumni launched an online campaign to ask Jiangsu to disclose the information. A screenshot of the online initiative shows that more than 800 alumni have signed the petition, involving Renmin University of China, Peking University, Tsinghua University and Shandong University.

The initiative letter states that according to the Communist Party’s Regulations on Disclosure of Government Information, citizens have the right to request the government to disclose administrative information.

Screenshot of the tweet.

The initiative says that the so-called “investigation report” released by the Jiangsu investigation team that day only downplayed some of the Feng County officials, while continuing to insist that the “chain girl” is Xiaohuamei, ignoring the fact that there is a huge difference in their appearance, and even claiming that the big difference in appearance is due to the “age factor”.

Netizens generally suspect that the “chain woman” is Sichuan Li Ying. After the release of the Jiangsu “investigation report,” netizens at home and abroad started a game called “One and the Same” to ridicule the Chinese Communist authorities. Netizens also coined a new idiom “Finger Ying as Plum” after the phrase “Finger Deer as Horse.

Screenshot from Twitter.

In addition, the Internet also started a contest to find loopholes in the “investigation report”. Some netizens mocked that the biggest success of the report is to make everyone disbelieve it.