Jiangsu investigation is difficult to convince the public mockery posting solitaire broke the network

The results of the investigation of the Xuzhou girl in chains were released, and the official said that it was determined to be Xiaohuamei was under fire

A mother of eight children who was put in chains in Feng County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, has touched the hearts of countless people, and the authorities once denied the problem of human trafficking, sparking public controversy. In the face of external pressure, the Jiangsu Provincial Committee intervened to investigate the case, and on February 23, the investigation report was made public, saying that the “mother of eight children” Yang Qingman is Xiaohuamei. But mainland netizens do not approve of the official statement, that the difference in appearance between the two is too great, a number of people in the circle of friends posted their own patchwork of pictures, such as Zhao Benshan and Chen Guanxi is the same person, in order to mock the authorities “a final word”.

On February 23, the provincial government of Jiangsu Province announced the latest investigation report on the “eight-child woman who gave birth in Feng County”, saying that the comprehensive DNA test comparison, access to Xiaohuamei’s Yunnan household register and investigation visits, determined that Yang Qingman and Xiaohuamei are the same person, while the missing Sichuan woman Li Ying is not the “eight-child mother”.

As for the marriage certificate photos on the Internet and Yang Qingman is not the same person, the official briefing said that after investigation, Yang Qingman recent photos are intercepted from the shake video, after repairing the circulation to the Internet, and the actual appearance of differences. At the same time, the skin aging caused by age, hair degradation, liquefaction of fatty tissue and missing teeth and other factors, Yang Qingman appearance has also changed.

The notice also said that after the portrait identification found that Yang Qingman and Dong Zhimin marriage certificate photo and Yang Qingman in Yunnan first marriage photo, the screenshot of the online video Yang Qingman photo, Yang Qingman ID card photo, Yang Qingman recent photo reflects the same portrait characteristics, identified as the same person.

In addition, Yang Mouman’s husband Dong Zhimin was found to have committed abuse, the circumstances are bad, has been suspected of the crime of abuse, in line with the conditions of arrest, Feng County Procuratorate on February 22, according to the law on Dong Moumin made a decision to approve the arrest.

At the same time, the Xuzhou Municipal Committee and the municipal government of Feng County County Party Secretary Lou Hai, County Mayor Zheng Chunwei and Minister of Publicity Su Bei and 17 other relevant cadres and staff to make dismissal, removal from office and other sanctions.

However, a large number of netizens believe that through the naked eye can be seen eight children mother and wedding photos on the woman’s appearance gap is great, the official notification of skeptical attitude. Some netizens left a message saying, “real medical miracle, not braces orthodontic buck teeth can also disappear!”

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In addition, there are many netizens share Chen Guanxi and Zhao Benshan contrast photos, and imitate the official tone wrote: “Mr. Chen ‘s recent photos are intercepted from the Shake Video, after retouching and circulated to the Internet, there are differences with the actual appearance. At the same time, the ageing of the skin, hair degradation, liquefaction of fatty tissue and missing teeth and other factors caused by ageing. “Mr. Chen’s appearance has also changed.” To slam the official investigation report published about Xiaohua Mei.

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Some netizens posted photos of Lin and Guo Donglin and wrote: “Lin Moujie’s recent photos were intercepted from the Shake Video and circulated online after retouching, which differed from his actual appearance. At the same time, by the aging of the skin caused by ageing, hair degradation, liquefaction of fatty tissue and the absence of morality and other factors, Lin Moujie appearance has also changed. February 22, the Ministry of Public Security Physical Evidence Identification Center portrait identification, online video screenshot Guo Moulin photo, Guo Moulin Spring Festival skit video and Lin Moujie reflected the same portrait characteristics, identified as the same person.”

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Veteran music producer Qin Wanmin will be himself and the European and American male star puzzle, and wrote, “I myself officially announced: these two people is the same person! It’s a done deal!”

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Another netizen posted a jigsaw puzzle, saying that Huang Bo is the young Zhou Yunfa, Phoenix is the young Fan Bingbing.

Many other netizens left messages saying.

“Please face up to the problem behind this, don’t hand in homework for the sake of handing in homework, this problem is not solved, don’t three child policy eugenics, not to mention the wealth of all people.”

“Small flowering plum = big things into small things into nothing (flowering plum). ๐Ÿ˜ก”

“This is an upgraded version of a hammer to set the tone (a hammer to set the eye) ๐Ÿ˜‚”

“Directly the Chinese people as blind, pointing to the deer as a horse, too powerful.”

“Do not solve the problem, solve the person who raised the problem. Cover up a lie with a lie, you have to tell a bigger lie; break the rules to patch the hole, you make the hole bigger; make up for a mistake with a mistake, you make a bigger mistake. This is the destiny of authoritarian systems.”

“As everyone expected, the chained woman can be Wang Ying, can be Zhang Ying, just not Li Ying. The latest idiom is “Ying is Mei”, in memory of Li Ying.”

There are also netizens spit, “the decay into magic friends, should all go to that Jiangsu Province investigation team, they beauty first-class, than the investigation of the case is much stronger! The company’s main goal is to provide a more comprehensive solution to the problem, and to help the company’s customers to improve their quality of life. Feng County welcomes you.”