China One can monitor employees’ tendency to leave! A system that causes big controversy

Recently, a system in China that monitors employees’ tendency to leave and neglect work has been the subject of much debate. On Feb. 14, a reporter from Southern Metropolis Daily found that the controversial behavior-aware system of SZS was no longer available on its official website, and the cooperation cases with Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch, Sina and other organizations listed on the official website were no longer available. It is also no longer visible. Some lawyers told the South China Morning Post that there is a legal risk of violating the personal information protection law when companies handle employees’ personal information without the personal information handling notification procedure or under non-legally necessary human resource management conditions.

Deep Impact’s behavior-aware system products allegedly monitor employees

On the evening of Feb. 11, a netizen posted a post exposing an employee behavior monitoring system, claiming that the monitoring system could be informed of employees’ intention to jump ship in advance, which sparked public opinion

According to the backstage picture of the system, the company can view the details of employees who have a tendency to leave the company in the behavior awareness system. The employee surnamed Ju in the screenshot visited the job search website 23 times, submitted his resume 9 times, and had 254 chat records containing keywords.

Screenshot of the online monitoring system. On the evening of Feb. 11, a South China Morning Post reporter checked the official website of Deep Impact and found that the system interface disclosed in the product overview of Deep Impact’s Behavior Awareness System BA was highly similar to that of the online behavior monitoring system. The interface of the system disclosed in the product overview of SZISIA’s behavior awareness system BA is highly similar to the interface of the online behavior monitoring system, and both have the function of providing prediction of employees’ intention to leave and employees’ idleness.

According to the official website, the system can identify potential employees at risk of leaving in advance, analyze the list of people at risk of leaving and the risk level for the organization, and give the basis for determining the risk of leaving. The evaluation terms include “high risk,” “suspected,” “suspicious” and so on. In addition, the system can analyze the idleness of employees in the organization, showing the total number of idle employees and the average daily idle hours, and analyze the factors of employee negativity by collecting irrelevant applications that affect work efficiency and the time periods when idleness is concentrated. In addition, it can also give the ranking of departments and employees with the most serious idleness. Specifically, in this system of Deep Impact, organization managers can check the number, name and position of the tendency to leave in the background, and even provide the top five employees who tend to leave. The principle is to analyze employees’ tendency to leave by analyzing the frequency and frequency of employees’ visits to job search websites and their actions of submitting resumes on job search websites, so as to “intervene in advance to solve the risk of employee leaks and job vacancies brought about by employees’ departure”. In addition, managers of organizations can also view employees’ online records, such as chatting, shopping, stock speculation, watching videos, etc. through the background. The value of the system is to “provide a basis for performance assessment for the HR department, help network administrators adjust employees’ online strategies, and help enterprises improve overall staff efficiency, creating more value for the enterprise,” according to SIS. The company’s official website also showed the cooperation cases of Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch, Sina and East China Normal University using the Internet behavior management system.

The previous cases of cooperation with Everbright Bank Shenzhen Branch and other organizations listed on the official website could not be retrieved either.