Response to the party media 13 questions more than a thousand netizens follow the post: Li Ying you suffer

After Xuzhou issued four notices around the “chain woman” incident, which was punctured by netizens, Jiangsu authorities set up an investigation team and issued a new notice on the 23rd, denying that the chain woman is Li Ying and asserting that she is Xiaohuamei (Yang Mouman). The party media published 13 questions on the incident, while more than a thousand people in the comment section followed the post saying: “Li Ying you suffer”.

On Feb. 23, the Jiangsu provincial government investigation team released a briefing on the investigation and handling of the “eight-children woman in Feng County” incident, which basically maintained what the Xuzhou authorities had said in the previous four briefings, identifying the chained woman as Xiao Huamei from Yagu Village in Fugong County, Yunnan Province, not Li Ying, the missing girl from Sichuan who was the subject of public attention.

But a number of former media people have visited Xiao Huamei’s hometown in Yunnan and confirmed that Xiao Huamei is not the “chain girl”.

Many netizens posted a composite photo of the chained girl and Xiaohuamei, saying, “The fifth report continues to refer to the two as the same person! Is the world blind? Or are you black-hearted and rotten liver?” “The only success of the fifth version of the Jiangsu government’s investigation report is that it has managed to make everyone disbelieve it.”

The Chinese Communist Party’s Xinhua News Agency released on the 23rd a reporter interview with the head of the Jiangsu investigation team, asking 13 questions about the “eight children woman” incident.

Including: Who is the real identity of the chained woman Yang Mouman? Is it the missing Li Ying? How did the Jiangsu public security authorities in Yunnan investigate and collect evidence? How was the real paternity of the half-mother identified? Why does Yang Mouman’s multiple photos not look like the same person? Why did Yang Mouman’s teeth fall out so much? ……

The news, which was originally a whitewash for the Jiangsu investigation team’s briefing, unexpectedly drew more than a thousand “Li Ying you suffer” follow-up posts.

Some netizens said: “‘Li Ying you suffer’ – really wonderful! It has been proven time and again that the people in China have awakened to a different level.” “It’s not as simple as suffering!”

On the same day, Punch News posted photos of the chained woman and Xiaohuamei on Weibo saying, “Why don’t multiple photos of Yang Mouman look like the same person?” This posting also drew tens of thousands of comments below, with almost a clear smiley face. The comments section was later closed.

A netizen posted a screenshot saying, “When unable to speak, a smiley face is also an attitude.” Other netizens teased, “Using emoji against the party is a great invention!”

Tens of thousands of comments, almost clear smiley faces. (Screenshot)

The “eight-child mother” case in Fengxian County has continued to ferment, and the heat has not abated. Although the Communist Party’s official media has been silenced, the “chained woman” story has been read by more than 5 billion people, far more than the Winter Olympics, which opened in Beijing on February 4.

Since the incident came to light, Xuzhou officials have issued four flawed circulars, raising even more questions. After the Jiangsu authorities said in the fifth notice that the “chain woman” was Xiaohuamei, the Internet set off a climax of “the same person” pics, mocking the Jiangsu authorities for “calling a stag a horse” and “calling Ying a plum”. The “same person” pictorial climaxed online, mocking the Jiangsu authorities for “calling a deer a horse” and “calling Ying a plum.

Wang Shengqiang, a mainland director from Fengxian, also revealed on Weibo that the locals in Fengxian knew that the “chain woman” was Li Ying, but someone “couldn’t let her be Li Ying” because Li Ying’s father was a veteran and admitting it would shake the military.