Jiangsu official briefing was bombarded by netizens public calls to allow chained women to speak out

The investigation team of Xuzhou Chained Woman in Jiangsu Province issued a notice that Yang Mouman is the small flowering plum in Yunnan.

The Jiangsu provincial government recently informed the investigation results of the Xuzhou Feng County chained woman, again triggering a public backlash. Nearly 1,000 alumni from NPC, Peking University and Tsinghua University signed a petition calling on the authorities to release the truth. Some netizens even urged the authorities to allow the chained woman herself to speak out publicly.

The report issued by the investigation team of “Xuzhou Chained Woman” in Jiangsu Province concluded that Yang Mouman is Xiaohuamei from Yunnan and not Li Ying from Sichuan, which immediately triggered a frenzy of internet opinion. Some netizens accused the authorities of calling a stag a horse and confusing the public, and urged them to ask Yang Mouman, the chained woman, to appear in person to explain the facts.

The People’s Daily posted a post questioning the difference between Yang Mouman’s many ID photos and her own. (Weibo)

The People’s Daily, an organ of the Communist Party of China, posted on its microblog at 12:56 p.m. Wednesday, more than an hour after the official investigation team in Jiangsu was briefed: Who is the real identity of the eight-child woman Yang Mouman? Is it the missing Li Ying? Yang Mouman’s multiple photos why does not look like the same person? The different documents show Yang Mouman’s age is different? How old is she in the end, etc.

The net name “bronze age fish” follow up post said, the relevant departments have been and diluted, why the investigation team inside all eaten dry ……, in order to face a variety of operations, angered the masses.

“The more baby efforts” message: the woman has been able to speak, why not let her out to speak?

There are also messages that want to see pictures, videos and other evidence, a convincing investigation report, not just a mouth.

Nearly 1,000 alumni of four universities urged the government to release information about the investigation

Hours after the official briefing, nearly 1,000 alumni of China’s National People’s Congress, Peking University and Tsinghua University issued a public co-signature calling on authorities to release information related to the investigation report. According to the news released by the Rights Defense Network, more than 800 alumni of NPC, Peking University, Tsinghua University and Shandong University issued a national initiative to apply to the Jiangsu provincial government to release the information formed by the investigation report of the chained woman. The open letter stressed that every citizen, legal person and other social organizations can apply for information disclosure, and government departments must provide facilities for applicants and give disclosure and reply according to procedures and time limits.

Civilians urge officials to arrange for chained women to come forward to say their origins

Hunan current affairs commentator Li Ang told the station that the government’s ability to find out the truth about the chained woman is very easy, but the investigation team lies in front of the world and is equally easy to uncover: “Why should government departments at all levels come forward to investigate it, which means they simply do not want to find out clearly and are not willing to find out clearly. They are a grasshopper in the chain of interests, private cover up, cover up the truth. This incident is not hard to investigate at all, just ask the chained woman to come out and speak for herself.”

A video uploaded to Twitter outside of China shows the chained woman calling the self-publisher who visited her a big brother and crying that she looks like a prostitute. Her speech and demeanor do not show signs of schizophrenia: “Big brother, I am like a prostitute, I am like a prostitute, stay.”

Li Ang said the authorities have been lying from the beginning to the end, but have not allowed the chained woman herself to publicly explain her life: “They say the chained woman is mentally ill, so let her come out and say a few words publicly to know if she is mentally ill, right? Why not let her come out and say it? Doesn’t she know her own family? What are her parents’ names and her siblings’ names? What else do you need to find out? Don’t you (the government) want to cover up the facts and the truth by making things so complicated?”

Scholars: The incident has brought people from the left, center and right all together

The public questioned the four contradictory official briefings issued on the chained woman incident, first saying that the chained woman was a local, then saying she was a vagrant, then saying she was a Yunnanese named Xiaohuamei, and the fourth briefing admitting that the chained woman case was suspected of trafficking in women. Amidst the public’s skepticism, news broke again that a netizen was investigated by police for questioning the content of the official briefing in Jiangsu. One netizen said three police officers interrogated her father for three hours on Wednesday afternoon, and also questioned his husband and brother’s unit leaders, and threatened his father that he must delete comments about the Xuzhou chained woman on Weibo.

A netizen questioned the Jiangsu investigation team’s notification that the family was interrogated and asked to delete the post by the police. (Weibo)

Mr. Xu, a Jiangsu scholar, told the station that the Jiangsu investigation team’s findings on the Xuzhou chained woman made even most of the “pinkies” realize that the official investigation is not credible: “This incident in Fengxian has brought people from the left, the center and the right together, a rare phenomenon that has not happened in any announcement in China in the past, that is, the left, the center and the right are all attacking the government. .”

Netizens urge the government to pick up Xiaohuamei’s family to meet them in Xuzhou

This time, the official chained women in Feng County before and after five times to inform the incident, the public opinion backlash is stronger than one time, the questioning is sharper than one time. The name of a network of microblogging, since the identity of the chained woman was confirmed to be Xiaohuamei, according to the process, should arrange for her family to meet in Xuzhou. Can you please ask the Xuzhou government to invite the woman’s family and friends to Xuzhou to meet? In this way, the so-called rumors will not be broken. A netizen responded that if the government funding is insufficient, netizens can sponsor round-trip airfare and accommodation.