The iron chain female furore has not yet subsided in Anhui and exposed the girl missing microblogging strange delete text

The incident of the “chain girl” has not yet subsided, and the disappearance of Anhui Chuzhou college girl Wu Lina has been exposed again. The strange thing is, once the incident was exposed by the media, the mainland media interviews and microblogging posts were then deleted. The local public security bureau said in an interview with the mainland media that it was not convenient to disclose specific information.

On February 24, a number of websites at home and abroad reproduced the interview report “Anhui Chuzhou college girl Wu Lina missing for nearly 20 years near the old railway station, family members online search”, but the relevant content on the website of Penghu News and mainland microblogging, has been deleted for unknown reasons.

According to the 23rd report of “Surfing News”, after a series of cases of women being trafficked were widely publicized recently, Wu Tingting’s family also started to try to find Wu Lina, who has been missing for 20 years, through the Internet.

Wu Tingting told the “Surfing News” that second sister Wu Lina disappeared on May 6, 2002 near the old train station in Chuzhou, when the second sister was studying in the Chuzhou Normal College (now Chuzhou College) second year, missing at the age of 20, characterized by single eyelids, high nose, thin and tall body type, about 165cm tall.

According to Wu Tingting, the second sister’s disappearance, brought a devastating blow to the family. Mother often in tears, whenever someone asked to cry, the whole family was also overshadowed, “Since the second sister disappeared, my mother often worry about the other children, I still remember my mother took me to Nanjing after the college entrance exams, when I said in the Fuzi Temple to go to the bathroom, the results walked a few steps to turn around and see my mother followed me, not leaving an inch “.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. “He is afraid that my second sister will not be able to find a home when she returns one day.”

Recently, after a series of cases of women being abducted and sold were widely publicized, Wu Tingting felt both sad and a glimmer of hope. After discussing with her sisters, Wu Tingting decided to use the power of the Internet to find her second sister.

Wu Tingting said her father had also gone to the Chuzhou Public Security Bureau, hoping to restart the investigation, but did not get an accurate answer. In this regard, on February 22, “surging news” reporter called Chuzhou City Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Brigade, a police officer said, is currently understanding the situation, not convenient to disclose specific information.

So far, the “surging news” of the above interview article has been deleted, the page only shows “this article has been taken offline”, the relevant microblogging entries open, showing “microblogging page does not exist”.