Shanghai TCM Dabo led to female abortion girls refused to settle privately

A few days ago, Li, a doctoral supervisor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was reported to have caused a female student to become pregnant and have an abortion. The teacher has been suspended from relevant positions and research work. The girl in question said she would not accept any private settlement.

On Feb. 23, a second-year student at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine posted on Weibo, reporting that the university’s doctoral supervisor, Li Mou, was married but had been sexually harassing female students and having inappropriate relationships with them. The girl said after enrollment, Li Mou extra care for herself, Li claimed to be unlucky in marriage, the two developed into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. The female student found out she was pregnant in 2021, and then went to the hospital alone to have an abortion, only to find out later that she was cheated.

In the early hours of the 24th, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine responded that it had received a relevant report and has now suspended Li’s administrative duties and medical, teaching and research work.

The official information of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine shows that Li Mou, chief physician, doctoral supervisor, director of the Department of Oncology of Shuguang Hospital, director of the Institute of Integrative Medicine and Tumor Intervention; has been selected as one of the 100 outstanding young Chinese medicine practitioners in the country, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine key discipline leader, etc.

The incident has made it to the top of Weibo and Baidu’s hot search list on the mainland, arousing the attention of netizens. On this matter, netizens’ various statements vary.

However, some netizens said, “The country should really pay attention to this kind of thing, the domestic master’s degree supervisors have too much power, really a word to decide whether to graduate, the students are squeezed to death, moving to take the threat of graduation, sad.” “The problem of academic fraud should be thoroughly investigated.”

“Boiling Point Video” reported at one point that the teacher involved, Li Mou, said that the situation did not exist and that students nowadays have very complicated ideas.

“Extreme News” reported that the girl in question had deleted her previous online articles and responded that she had not accepted any material benefits, nor would she accept any private settlement. I hope the university will thoroughly investigate the professor’s misconduct.