Iron chain female investigation report caused public anger Cai Xia: the authorities completely shameless!

Cai Xia, a retired professor of the former Central Party School, said bluntly, “The truth is clear, the Chinese Communist authorities are completely shameless!” The picture shows a comparison of the photos of the chained woman and Li Ying. (Video screenshot)

The release of the fifth official investigation of the “chained woman” has been described as old wine in a new bottle, a continuation of the previous official report, and has once again set off the climax of online skepticism. Cai Xia, a retired professor of the Central Party School, said bluntly: “The truth is clear, the Chinese Communist authorities are completely shameless!”

On February 23, the Jiangsu Provincial Investigation Team issued a report on the investigation of the “chained girl” case, perfunctorily handling the 17 public officials at the bottom of Feng County, finding Dong Zhimin, who was holding the “chained girl”, suspected of abuse, and continuing to assert that the “chained girl” was Xiaohuamei, claiming that her appearance had changed due to her age.

However, the fifth official notification was released, reigniting the fury of the people. Cai Xia, a retired professor from the Central Party School, tweeted: “Jiangsu is completely shameless! Before, no matter how strong the public opinion, Jiangsu Province is lying flat, because the Xi authorities did not issue instructions; now, any truth is clear, Jiangsu Province is completely shameless, should also be the Xi authorities instructed completely shameless, full power to protect! Therefore, whoever discusses the chained woman again is anti-party.”

Cai Xia called on the people to continue the resistance: “Do not forget Lei Yang, Li Wenliang, do not forget the chained woman, because the mainland people may become Lei Yang Li Wenliang chained woman at any time.”

                                                                                                                                          (Screenshot from Weibo)

Xie Wanjun, chairman of the China Democratic Party, tweeted, “The incident of the chained woman, the Jiangsu investigation team came out with the fifth report. It seems that they don’t investigate at all and just go rogue.”

A tweeter responded, “They can’t be human at all, they are devils worse than animals.” “A crazy government no longer has a shred of credibility!” “Finger of the deer, the face of the fallen nation at the end of the Qin Dynasty.”

Another Twitter user posted a video mocking the Chinese Communist authorities for speaking with their eyes wide open: “This is something Confucius didn’t believe, Mencius didn’t believe, Lao Tzu didn’t believe, Sun Tzu did, because it was Sun Tzu who did it.”

Despite the control of speech on mainland microblogs, many netizens still spoke out for the “chained woman” and questioned the Chinese Communist authorities: “If Dong Mou can be made the husband of Xiao Hua Mei, then Huang Shiren is also the husband of Xi’er.” “When the people of the country blind? ——” “It’s too funny, treating everyone as fools.”

Some people also think that the official Jiangsu give such a result is not unexpected, because the “chain woman” “can be Wang Ying, can be Zhang Ying, just can not be Li Ying.” Otherwise, how will the officials face Li Ying’s dead military father, which may shake the military’s heart.

Chen Weijian, editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring, told the Epoch Times that the “chain girl” case has played a very important role in the awakening of the mainland’s civil society, and has awakened many “pinkies” who did not know much about Chinese society before.

“They used to think that all they saw in China was splendid things, and they could not see the evils of the Chinese Communist Party.” Chen Weijian said that once the “chained women” involved in the trafficking of women came out, women in particular felt that it could happen to them as well. “Many people realize that there are so many dark places in China, and that they are bloody and unpleasant.”

(Screenshot from Weibo)

Some self-publishers described the “chained woman” incident as “the biggest public opinion incident since China’s interwebs began” as it pierced the bottom line of human conscience.

A widely circulated post on Weibo reads, “We should not only care about which girl’s neck the gold medal is hanging on, but also which woman’s neck the chain is chained to. Because most of us, our daughters, can’t become the former, but are likely to accidentally become the latter. To stand up and speak out for the mother of eight children is not to rub it in, it is a social responsibility.”

Over the past month, Chinese universities, military personnel, artists, entrepreneurs, media professionals, entertainers, and legal professionals from all walks of life have been standing in solidarity with the “chained woman,” and a large number of netizens have appeared on Taobao to boycott all products from Xuzhou and Feng County.

For example, Li Youwei, a former municipal party secretary in Shenzhen, wrote a poem calling for “evil deeds to be pursued”; Ye Jingzi, the granddaughter of a Chinese Communist Party marshal, also posted on Weibo, objecting to the authorities’ pressure to put on a show to whitewash the situation and calling for a thorough solution to the problem, pointing out that Feng County must be just the tip of the iceberg and that other cases should also be pursued.

The financial sector, which has always been seen by the public as a “blood-sucking” industry, also stood in solidarity with the first line, leaving Xuzhou and Feng County hit hard by the economy. Some people in the financial circle confessed, “It is a person can not look down.”

US-based current affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan said that the “chain woman” incident has in a sense become a moral self-redemption movement for Chinese people. Countless people have been following, forwarding and shouting about it, and have gradually recovered their own good thoughts, and have been surprised to find that these good thoughts can actually have great power to change many things we once thought were unshakable.

An anonymous online user said, “Her chain must be the most expensive necklace in the world, because it takes the conscience of an entire nation to redeem it.”

As of Feb. 24, news about the chained woman incident had reached 5.15 billion views on Weibo.

Overseas commentator Zhang Jie said in an article that the tragic and shocking experience of the “chained woman” has broken through the bottom line of human morality and prompted Chinese people to wake up. The incident has set off a tsunami of public opinion both at home and abroad, and is undoubtedly a sudden black swan for Zhongnanhai, as the Chinese Communist Party is no longer able to suppress public opinion.