Public opinion rages against the party media! The chained woman’s case is opposed by left, center and right Chinese people, and the follow-up post only says this

After the “chain woman” incident, Xuzhou issued four times after the netizens were punctured, Jiangsu authorities set up an investigation team, issued a new report on the 23rd, denying that the chain woman is Li Ying, biting that she is Xiaohuamei (Yang Mouman). The party media published 13 questions on the incident for whitewashing, while more than a thousand people in the comment section followed the post saying: “Li Ying you suffer”.

Some netizens said, “‘Li Ying you suffer’ – it’s wonderful! It has been proven time and again that the domestic public has awakened to a different degree this time.” commentator Wang Duran said this phrase is very indicative of the hearts, opinions and wisdom of the people. Although the Chinese Communist Party lied in all five announcements, through the whole network to solve the case, everyone knows that the chained woman is Li Ying, and the Chinese Communist Party’s big lie is bankrupt. The Chinese Communist Party has ignored human trafficking for decades, leading to a common criminal structure for this black-hearted industry, from the top to the bottom of the Communist Party’s official hierarchy. Now it is getting more and more intense, and the street robberies are becoming more and more public, affecting all people, so this is a rare occasion that has sparked global attention on the entire Internet, and even the pinkies are being shocked. Chinese people, whether left, center or right, continue to express their attitude for the safety of their loved ones and in the face of the reactionary actions of the Chinese Communist regime, without giving up, accepting or admitting.