The authorities do it…Li Ying “speaks”! Ten billion people on the Internet are watching

The Chinese Communist Party authorities never let the chained woman herself speak out. On February 23, the Jiangsu investigation team reported that the chained woman was mentally ill, and local officials released footage claiming that she was receiving treatment. The video shows the chained woman with a puffy, gloomy face and a dull expression, completely different from her vivid expression before she was locked up in a mental hospital, with a small, sharp face and a clean face, turning from a middle-aged woman into an elderly woman, looking 20 years older.

In the video, the chained woman’s face is puffy and dull, before she had a vivid expression. chief commentator Wang Duran told reporters a few days ago that the chained woman is very likely to be mentally ill. First of all, the chained woman has said: “The world doesn’t want me anymore”, very literary, very lofty, very on point, short and pithy. This should be very well educated, very brainy, but also very good at summarizing and expressing people to say such words. Second, netizens dig out the video, the chained woman said home is very “far … Far… Far ….” This shows that she has good judgment and a good memory. Third, when she was detained in the hospital by the CCP, she pleaded with the doctor, “Let me go,” which shows that she is very clear-headed and understands her situation and her desire to be free. So I judge that the chained woman is not mentally ill, she is just being mentally ill.
Wang Duran said that Xiao Siying died in a bizarre way during the Chinese Communist Party’s framing of Falun Gong’s Tiananmen self-immolation pseudo-case. It is very likely that the chained woman, Li Ying, will be silenced, or at least turned into a fool, and her current appearance is clearly the result of psychotropic drugs.
In addition, Wang Duran said that the chained woman is obviously a Han Chinese woman’s looks, and Xiao Hua Mei’s minority look is obviously different, chained woman nose is very high, Xiao Hua Mei is obviously collapsed nose. Many reports over the past few days have also confirmed that Wang Duran’s judgment is correct.

On February 23, the Jiangsu investigation team released the investigation report of the “Xuzhou eight children case”, which concluded that the chained woman was “Yang Mouman” and “Xiaohuamei”. On the same day, the “Proud Girl” team, which has repeatedly led the way in breaking the case of the chained woman, was full of apologies for not being able to rescue the chained woman, and strongly implied that the chained woman’s life was now in danger.

The “Proud Girl” team tweeted on February 23 that they were afraid to talk about a lot of content before, for fear of hurting her life, and it has come to this: 1, we speculate – she not only posed 110 to us, she should have posed 110 to many people as a distress signal, so she has been holding the chopsticks tightly! Perhaps many visitors didn’t care. 2, when we saw her meaning and asked her in a low voice where she was from, she first posed / ||, afraid that we didn’t understand, she took off the / again, and then used her hand to draw a ding dong on the left side of the ||.

“Proud Girl” sighed, “Sister Li Ying: it’s good to go away and be saved from the pain of this world! What we have taken down must be well preserved, and one day we will do everything we can to make a comparison! Return your justice in this life”.

“The “proud girl” tweeted that the “chain girl” is not stupid, when she first met the “proud girl” members, she repeatedly used chopsticks to make the shape of “11”, and then drew circles with her hand behind, suggesting “call 110 to the police”; when the “proud girl” members read the meaning and asked her in a whisper where she was from, she again used chopsticks to make “111”, where the first chopstick was slightly tilted to form the “Sichuan” character, later she was afraid that the other party could not understand, and took the first chopstick off, and directly gestured with her hand to make an apostrophe.

Netizens have turned up the video of the earlier interview of the “chain girl” and found that she looked down and hesitated for a moment after identifying the person who took the video, and then repeatedly said in dialect that she was “like a prostitute” and begged the other party to stay (to save her).

The latest tweet from “Proud Girl” also reveals that the officer from the local police station in Fengxian County said personally that the “chained woman” was named Li Ying.