Are the little pink families ready? The Chained Woman Incident Authorities have encouraged traffickers…

The authorities have been shifting the blame, blocking and covering up the chained girl incident, resulting in human trafficking seemingly being encouraged, and “Proud Girl” reveals that human traffickers are becoming more and more rampant, with the number of missing persons increasing daily into February 2022!

Proud Girl tweeted on February 23 that she now understands the saying: not everyone will curse Xuzhou! With Jiangsu Xuzhou as a backstop, human traffickers are getting more and more rampant! Just at this moment in the eye, do not know what to say! Here to send three search notice it, look at the date of the crime!




Some netizens angrily accuse: I think of the three children may also be beaten by the strong was rounded by chained by frozen was hungry was pulled teeth was filled with drugs, I want to say TMD, take the taxpayers money of the golden fork can not do something human, can not use 7 minutes or even 10 100 1000 7 minutes to look for children ah.

A netizen disclosed: As far as I know, a reporter friend in Nanjing for many years had told me that in Nanjing military compound, police station, fire department under the nose, open the foot massage store, each have umbrella. Xuzhou in 2006 has been investigated Public Security Bureau Director Xuzhou Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, personally protect the prostitution group, Jiangsu corruption is still so, trafficking in human beings official officials to protect each other, is the probability of those who hold power to choose.

Some netizens speculate: from the age is 12-16-year-old girls are at high risk, so who is the first hand or the main buyer, we guess?

Some netizens replied: dear party-state officials, of course.

Some other netizens appealed: The Chinese Communist Party is the biggest evil group that traffics women and children, they are the umbrella of human traffickers and local black and evil forces; everyone is responsible for eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

Some netizens mocked: should be with Jiangsu Xuzhou this kind of political and business black and evil hemp community model, human trafficking dividend industry solid gold thriving, is taking great strides to become the core values of socialism with Chinese characteristics. I don’t know if those who have a palm of the little pink families are ready?