The chain woman repeatedly posed “distress” signal police station confirmed that her name is Li Ying

After the Jiangsu investigation team’s cover-up “investigation results” came out, the “Proud Girls” organization announced the failure to rescue the “chain girl” and revealed that she had repeatedly put out a distress signal, and the local police station had also confirmed that she was Li Ying.

On February 23, Proud Girls, a group that has been following the girl in chains, published a series of tweets from Twitter, apologizing for not being able to rescue her and strongly suggesting that her life was in danger.

The tweets began with what appeared to be a condolence statement: “Sister Li Ying: it’s good to die, to be saved from the pain of this world!”

A screenshot of the tweet by “Proud Girl”.

The tweet also said that she was afraid to say many things because she was worried about the safety of the chained woman, but now that it has come to this, she can reveal it to the public.

The tweet said that the “chain girl” is not stupid, when she first met the “proud girl” members, she repeatedly used chopsticks to make the shape of “11”, and then drew a circle with her hand behind it, suggesting “call 911”; when the “proud girl” members read the meaning and asked her in a whisper where she was from, she again used chopsticks to make “111”, of which the first chopstick was slightly tilted to form the “Sichuan” character, later she was afraid that the other party could not understand, and then removed the first chopstick and directly used her hand to draw an apostrophe.

The “proud girl” speculated that earlier in the online video, the “chain woman” had been holding a chopstick in her hand and was estimated to have posed a distress signal to visitors more than once.

A few days ago, netizens turned up the video of the earlier interview of the “chain woman” (link) and found that after she was sure of the identity of the person who took the video, she appeared to look down and hesitate for a moment, then repeatedly said in dialect that she was “like a prostitute” and begged the other party to stay (to save her).

The previous video also shows the “chain girl” being interviewed and saying things like “they can’t let me go” and “this family is all rapists”.

The latest tweet from “Proud Girl” also reveals that the officer from the local police station in Feng County said personally that the “chain girl” was named Li Ying.

The appearance and age of the “chain girl” is said to be a high match with Li Ying, a young girl from Nanchong, Sichuan who disappeared earlier. Wang Shengqiang, a Chinese director from Feng County, revealed on Weibo that the local people in Feng County knew that the “chained woman” was Li Ying, but the Chinese Communist authorities “couldn’t let her be Li Ying” because Li Ying’s father was a veteran and admitting it would shake the military.

Netizens speculate that the local people in Feng County know that the “chained woman” is Li Ying, probably because she has said her name herself.

The authorities never let the “chained woman” speak out, and imprisoned her for “medical treatment” for nearly a month, and her whereabouts are unknown.

Netizens lamented that the tens of billions of global attention failed to save a “chained woman”, highlighting that the Chinese Communist Party’s evil has broken through the bottom line of human perception.

Screenshot of netizens’ comments.

Jiangsu “investigation report” according to the script

Jiangsu investigation team issued a so-called “investigation report” on the 23rd. This is the fifth official report issued on the “chain woman” incident, which can be said to be a full playbook of previous speculation.

Previously, netizens and commentators generally speculated that the incident was so bad and involved that once it was made public it would shake the foundations of the CCP’s rule, so the CCP would only selectively release part of the “truth” and then grab a few scapegoats at the bottom.

As expected, the 23rd “investigation report” continued to conclude that “the woman in chains was Xiaohuamei” and arrested several people involved in the human trafficking of Xiaohuamei, and arrested Dong Zhimin on suspicion of “abuse”.

The local officials who were dealt with, the highest only involved the party secretary of Feng County, where county-level officials were only warned, dismissed, none expelled from the party; town and below officials were partly expelled from the party, or investigated by the discipline inspection committee. The only Xuzhou official to be dealt with is Gao Wei, vice president of the Xuzhou Women’s Federation, but his crime is also suspected of “disciplinary violations” during his “tenure as director of the Feng County Health Commission”.

A screenshot of the net chat before the introduction of the Jiangsu “investigation report”.

Previously, a “minutes” of a meeting sent by Beijing officials to Xuzhou, the Beijing officials ordered the local government to “handle” the matter well and not to “add to the chaos of the central government. “. The “investigation report” of the Jiangsu provincial investigation team seems to partially verify the authenticity of the “minutes” from the side.

In the “minutes”, the Beijing official asked the officials of Dongji village and Huankou town by name, which seems to imply the level of officials to be dealt with in this matter.

In addition, the official specifically mentioned Yang Qingman’s marriage certificate photo and “chain woman” does not match the appearance of the problem, and asked whether this is because the two are not the same person ah, or because “with the age of appearance has changed”, and said that if the latter, “then no one can do anything”, then “a good explanation”.

Sure enough, Jiangsu “investigation report” according to the above “instructions”, claiming that Yang Qingman’s marriage certificate photo and the “chain woman” look different, in addition to the “chain woman” photo “after retouching”, another important reason is “by the aging of the skin, hair degradation, liquefaction of fatty tissue and missing teeth and other factors, Yang Mouman appearance has also changed”.

Left: Yang Qingman’s marriage certificate photo. Right: Screenshot of the video of the “chain woman”.

In the “minutes”, Beijing officials also instructed to give more “authoritative” DNA identification results. As a result, Jiangsu “investigation report” declared, “February 13, the Ministry of Public Security physical evidence identification center and Sang Mou Luo (Xiaohua Mei uncle), Li Mou Yuan (Xiaohua Mei brother-in-law), Sha Mou Fu (Xiaohua Mei sister-in-law), Li Mou Mei (Xiaohua Mei sister-in-law) blood samples for DNA test comparison, and Yang Mou Man are consistent with the kinship.”

After Jiangsu set up an investigation team, the Chinese Communist Party authorities launched a nationwide “silencing” campaign, with massive deletion of posts and blocking of numbers on social media, and activists involved in solidarity actions being interviewed and warned, while some were arrested for distributing leaflets in the streets. Some Weibo accounts that had been actively promoting the “DNA identification of Li Ying’s family” were also forced to give up their voices and started to “let the years pass” again.