Xiaohuamei uncle interview video out of the media people exposed Xiaohuamei photo source

The previous online rumors of Yunnan Xiaohuamei’s photo, and Yang Qingman marriage photo more consistent, but with the “chain woman” huge differences. The media person who released the photo revealed that the photo came from Xiaohuamei’s sister. The media person also released the first video interview with Xiaohuamei’s uncle, who first denied that the photo of the “chained woman” was Xiaohuamei, and then changed his mind and said he was not sure.

On Feb. 23, after the official “investigation report” from Jiangsu province was released, the Twitter account “happy a bird” published several videos of interviews in Yagu village, Yunnan province, in quick succession. The tweeter said that the videos were released for personal safety, and that he had trouble sleeping with the information, so he simply made it public.

The self-proclaimed “journalist” tweeter said that after the outbreak of the “chain woman” incident, he happened to work in the local photography, in the “conscience and fear of the intertwined” state of mind, began to visit the Yagu village, but struggled.

Earlier, he said that during the visit, the village elders denied that the photo of the “chain woman” was Xiaohuamei.

The online video shows a man who is said to be Xiaohuamei’s uncle, pointing to the photo of the “chain woman” and Li Ying and shaking his head. (Screenshot of the video)

The tweeter released a number of videos on the 23rd, showing him holding a screenshot of the video of the “chain woman” and a photo of Sichuan Li Ying for local villagers to identify. The netizens generally suspect that the “chain woman” is Li Ying, who was abducted and sold in early years.

One of the videos shows that Xiaohua Mei’s uncle pointed to the two photos and kept shaking his head, saying “this is not, these two are not ……”. But when the tweeter asked for confirmation, Xiaohuamei’s uncle changed his mind, “I can’t identify if it’s me”. Next to someone explained, “more than 20 years, he does not remember”.

The owner said that he visited Xiaohuamei’s uncle twice and got different answers, so it is unknown why he changed his mind later. Xiaohuamei’s uncle revealed that the Communist Party’s CCTV had visited and shot many videos, and also that a local public security officer had called him.

The tweeter also said that, as confirmed by Xiaohuamei’s uncle, Xiaohuamei is a member of the Nu ethnic group.

Public information shows that Yagu village is a Lisu village, but there are also Nu ethnic groups among the villagers. And the 2010 census data shows that there were no Lisu women in Xuzhou Feng County that year, only one Nu woman, but the age also does not match Xiaohuamei.

The tweeter also said that the photos of Xiaohuamei that were circulated online earlier were obtained from Xiaohuamei’s uncle’s cell phone, which also had photos of Xiaohuamei’s other relatives. The photos in the phone of Xiaohua Mei’s uncle were passed to him by Xiaohua Mei’s sister.

Screenshot of Twitter.

Earlier, after former journalist Deng Fei announced the marriage certificate of Yang Qingman and Dong Zhimin on Weibo, a photo of Xiaohuamei was then leaked online, showing a closer match with Yang Qingman’s marriage certificate photo. Netizens speculate that Xiaohuamei may be Yang Qingman, but never the “chain woman”.

Left: The online rumor of Xiaohuamei’s photo. Middle: Yang Qingman’s marriage certificate photo. Right: Screenshot of the video interview with the “chain woman”.

A few days ago, the land media released a video interview with Xiao Hua Mei’s sister. The netizens pointed out that the appearance of Xiao Hua Mei’s sister is indeed quite similar to the rumored photo of Xiao Hua Mei.

Screenshot of the interview with Xiao Hua Mei’s sister by the mainland media.

The 23rd Jiangsu investigation team released the so-called “investigation report”, continue to bite the “chain woman” is Xiaohuamei, that is, and Dong Zhimin registered marriage Yang Qingman, and said that the reason for the difference in appearance, because “the age of The reason for the difference in appearance is that “her appearance has changed with age”. The netizens accused the Chinese Communist Party of “lying with their eyes” and being shameless.

Journalists in Yunnan confirm that Xiaohuamei is not a “chain girl”

Two former journalists went to Yagu Village and interviewed Xiaohuamei’s friends and relatives and local villagers, confirming that the Xuzhou Public Security Bureau had falsified the story and that Xiaohuamei was not a “chained woman”. But the interview report was subsequently deleted.

Mr. Zhao, a former media person, also told reporters recently that he also went to the local February 11, stayed for four days, and many villagers have contact, each see the “chain woman” photo of people said not Xiaohuamei.

He also said that after coming to the village, with his intuition and senses can be judged, “chain woman” is not a local person, because her facial structure, manner and skin color are very far from the local people. He said that the local people are shorter, both men and women, their faces are thinner, the skin is very dark, and the local people are in a kind of originality, especially simple, and not very good at speaking Chinese.