The posting involved Dong Cunrui, a 27-year-old woman in Beijing was sentenced to seven months

On October 12, Xu, a 27-year-old woman in Beijing, was sentenced to seven months in prison by the Chinese Communist Party authorities for “vilifying heroic martyrs. The woman had previously mentioned Dong Cunrui on her microblog.

On the 12th, the Communist Party’s Beijing Dongcheng Court reported that Xu was sentenced to seven months in prison for violating the reputation of heroes and martyrs, and that within ten days of the verdict, Xu was required to publicly apologize on major mainland portals and national media.

Officials said Xu used his Weibo account to post two messages containing insults to Dong Cunrui, which were read more than 90,000 times.

It is reported that on March 26 this year, the Dongcheng Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice that the microblog user “YvonnAlmond” posted on the Internet on March 24 “vilifying heroes and martyrs”, the owner of the microblog is Xu Mouyi (female, 27 years old) The owner of the microblog is Xu Mouyi (female, 27 years old). Xu Mouyi was arrested and placed in criminal detention.

The postings of “YvonnAlmond” microblogger have all been cleared.

In March this year, the network left pictures, “YvonnAlmond” in the same month 24 on the microblogging post comments: “a country can not march in the streets, raising a bunch of nest home Internet mob, there are similar to Dong Cunrui gay —— “

On October 12, a 27-year-old woman in Beijing Xu was sentenced to seven months in prison for posting about Dong Cunrui. The picture is the relevant posting. (Web page image screenshot composite)

“YvonnAlmond’s post comes at a time when the mainland Internet is experiencing a wave of hatred for foreigners, namely the Communist Youth League’s attack on H&M for its old statement last year to stop using Xinjiang cotton, which was followed by major official media outlets. The “YvonnAlmond” post was trolling the internet phenomenon at the time.

On March 25, “YvonnAlmond” posted on the 24th remarks do not apologize, that they did not do anything wrong, but only said the truth, and said that someone wanted to use her comments on the 24th to get her into the bureau. She also revealed that she had worked with “Harper’s Bazaar” and was a contributor.

Luo Changping’s detention followed by arrests of netizens for her comments

Recently, there has been a spate of cases on the mainland where citizens have been punished for expressing their opinions and allegedly insulting martyrs.

On the 7th of this month, Luo Changping, a well-known Chinese media figure, was arrested and criminally detained by the Sanya police for his comments on the Korean movie “Changjin Lake” on the 6th. Before his arrest, Luo had been banned from speaking and criticized by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media.

On the 7th, a netizen “around the You You” in Luo Changping account message: “the biggest result of the Cold War is egg fried rice, thanks to egg fried rice! Without fried rice, we would be no different from Cao County. Of course, the sad thing is that now there is not much difference.”

On October 7, the message from the “left and right woo woo”. (Web screenshot)

On the 8th, the New Branch of Nanchang Public Security Bureau placed “Yoo-woo’s Yoo-woo” in administrative detention for ten days for posting “egg fried rice” and other words.

It is reported that during the Korean War, on November 25, 1950, Mao Zedong’s son, Mao Linying, was killed in an air raid by U.S. forces in North Korea. A version of the story circulated on the mainland said that Mao had ignored the ban and lit a fire in the camp to make egg fried rice, causing the U.S. military to reconnoiter the location of the camp.