The rich businessman Wang Shoucheng was blocked from patrolling the mountain and was arrested.

Wang Shoucheng reported that Yu Dali’s pony went up the mountain to rob the mine and block the road to close the mountain. (Courtesy of informant)

Wang Shoucheng, a Liaoning entrepreneur and founder of the Tiancheng Group, donated a billion dollars worth of old jade mines to the government for free, but was framed and put on the Internet. The reason behind this is that senior officials of Liaoning’s political and legal system forcibly closed the mountain to seize the mine, the lover disclosed.

The company’s internal lover, Mr. Hua, recently asked someone to take a “fugitive registration form”. The table shows that Wang Shoucheng was arrested on May 20, 2018, for “intentional destruction of property”, and that the case was filed by the Criminal Crime Investigation Bureau of Anshan Public Security Bureau, with a reward of 1,000 yuan.

The case was reported to the Xiuyan County Public Security Bureau at 12:45 p.m. on May 1, 2012 that his car had been “intentionally damaged” and that some parts of the car had been damaged, with a value of 34,793 yuan identified by the Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County Price Certification Center.

In 2018, Wang Shoucheng was wanted for “intentional destruction of property”. (Courtesy of the informant)

“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. It is to find the reason, the purpose is to arrest people well.” Mr. Hua said that Wang Shoucheng was wanted for a reason, because the local triads closed the mountain to grab the mine, Wang Shoucheng then donated the mine to the government, reported the triads backstage and was retaliated.

The Communist Party’s official media has reported that Wang Shoucheng donated the mine. According to CNN, on January 23, 2011, Liaoning entrepreneur Wang Shoucheng donated his “old jade mine in Xiuyan” for free. The unusual donation was handed over in a “low-key” ceremony in a conference room in the Yifu Building of Peking University that morning, but still drew more than a dozen media reports.

According to the report, Liaoning Haicheng Tiancheng Group is located in Liaoning’s most economically active Liaodong Peninsula. Insiders estimate that the old jade mine donated by Wang Shoucheng is worth more than 1 billion RMB.

Wang Shoucheng donated to the government after the triads closed the mountain and robbed the mine

Mr. Hua told reporters that the current official statement is “low-key” donated to the government, but in fact, in 2010, someone closed the mountain and closed the road, this triad behavior has a background, Wang Shoucheng donated the mine to the town government. Wang Shoucheng has been reporting the former deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice, Yu Dali, for organizing triad gangs and acting as an umbrella for the triads.

The post of the former deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice Yu Dali on Tianya said that Yu Dali’s horse, Shan Xueqiang, instructed Ma Liansheng and others to organize nearly 100 people to rob the mine in the mountains, and later organized many people to set up roadblocks in the village of Fine Yugou for as long as five years. The mine owner had reported the case to the local Yueling police station several times, all of which were suppressed by Yu Dali and Yu Zhenxin (brother of Yu Dali, also known as Yu Erli), who was then deputy director of the Anshan Public Security Bureau.

Judgment No. 2513 (2016) Liao 03 Min Final 2513 found the fact that Shan Xueqiang and others closed the mountain to rob the mine. The content of the verdict shows that “on December 17, 2010, Ma Liansheng, holding the agreement of 49% of shares transferred to Chenglin Jade Mining Company by defendant Shan Xueqiang, led 70 to 80 people and more than 20 vehicles to Chenglin Jade Mine and found the management personnel saying that they wanted to participate in the management of the mine.”

The verdict shows that the actions of the two defendants (Ma Liansheng and Shan Xueqiang) caused Wang Shoucheng an economic loss of 3 million yuan. It was only after coordination by the relevant authorities that the second defendant and others involved in the closure of the mine left the mine on January 27, 2011.

The outside world noted that January 27th was exactly the fourth day of Wang Shoucheng’s mine donation. Before that, more than ten people, including the second defendant, had stayed in the mountain for 40 days.

Wang Shoucheng was blocked in the mountain patrol, police confrontation robbed people

To Wang Shoucheng donated the mine, Mr. Hua told reporters, “This thing is actually achieved effect. In this case, as far as property rights are concerned, the other side really can’t compete, so they hold a grudge and continue to block the mine.”

According to Mr. Hua’s description, some time later, Wang Shoucheng and his granddaughter went to check how the mine situation, to the mountain, found that the triads also blocked the road, when they found. They blocked Wang Shoucheng, Wang Shoucheng decided to rush out, and this time the car had a ramming. Then the town police went to rescue Wang Shoucheng.

He said, “At that time we were begging the mayor of the town, let him go to find a way to transfer the town police over. That time is also considered a fight, the town’s police also with the city, the provincial police have confrontation, can not be considered a conflict, it did not fight, this thing is quite big. Because of the relationship with the province, finally let Wang Shoucheng down the mountain.”

“Because of this matter, the province has some people we know to help, angered Yu Dali. Later (he) let his men issue a wanted notice. At that time, not only to arrest Wang Shoucheng, but also Wang Shoucheng’s son Wang Zhendong was also locked up to the Discipline Inspection Commission, house arrest investigation for four to six months.”

Mr. Hua said, “First of all, the other side is illegal confinement, Wang Shoucheng is to escape. The first step back, even if the collision is Wang Shoucheng’s fault, more than 30,000 yuan, Wang Shoucheng did not? To put it bluntly, their purpose is to arrest people. Haicheng or Liaoning, the public prosecution, supervision and discipline inspection committee have their people. We have no way to fight with them.”

Yu Dali of the Department of Justice was reported to be involved in the black

The company has been known as a bully in Haicheng and a bully in Liaoning. Wang Shoucheng wrote in the letter: Yu Dali was formerly the captain of the Haicheng city special police team, Anshan City special police team captain. 90s in office, conniving dance halls, saunas and other entertainment venues to collect protection money, open casinos, etc.. To date, he has monopolized the inspection line of Haicheng City and charged high fees for inspection of cars.

After the millennium, his father Yu Junbo transferred him to the special police team of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in Miyun District, Beijing. He was also reassigned to the Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice as deputy director (full department level) through the connections of Wang Min, the former provincial party secretary (who was sentenced).

Yu Zhenxin, also known as Yu Erli, the younger brother of Yu Dali, was investigated for the 1997 murder of Taiwanese congresswoman Lin Dijuan and was jailed. Through his father’s connections, Yu Zhenxin was released from prison after six months of detention and immediately became the head of the traffic police in Miyun District, Beijing, and is currently the deputy director of the Anshan Public Security Bureau.

Wang Shoucheng’s case is sponsored by the Public Security Bureau of Anshan City, Liaoning Province, the reporter contacted the phone number left on the notice, the other party said it was the phone number to eliminate evil, refused to disclose any information about the case to the reporter.

The fall of the political and legal officials

Mr. Hua admits that the fall of Dong Hong is a big opportunity. “Because this person is the core of this political and legal relations network. Has he been indicted recently too? That’s why we dare to speak out. Otherwise, from 2018 to now also three years, this thing is held down, and no one may ever know.”

Dong Hong, 68, a native of Haicheng, Liaoning province, is the official deputy head of the central inspection team. And Yu Junbo, Yu Dali’s father, was secretary of the Haicheng Municipal Party Committee and organization minister of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, and was director of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress in 2001.

Mr. Hua said, “Yu Junbo was instructed to create a political and legal network in Liaoning in his early years, with Haicheng as the center. These forces have several large families, such as the Zhang Jiacheng family, the Zhou Xiangmin family, and the Zhou Bypass family, and these families control tens of billions of assets ……”

Public reports show that Zhang Jiacheng, formerly the director of the Legal Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, had fallen in June 2015.

Zhou Rao, the former executive vice mayor of Haicheng. According to reports, during his tenure as party secretary of Pailou Town, he was reported jointly by villagers due to violent demolition and abuse of justice.

According to the phone number provided by Mr. Hua, the reporter contacted Wang Shoucheng’s son, the chairman of the Tiancheng Group, Wang Zhendong, the other party said that the mine has been donated, the business is operating normally. The father’s online notice has been lifted. He said he cooperated with the Discipline Inspection Commission investigation because of another case, do not want to say more.

Wang Shoucheng’s daughter told the Epoch Times, “There are officials behind the manipulation of this matter, the father is also aggrieved, but the matter has passed, do not want to go deeper into it. We have made other efforts in this process, including Yu Dali if there are problems (being investigated), maybe (those officials) also have problems.”

She confirmed that there have been reports on Tianya, but she believes that even exposure is powerless.

At present, the reporter could not get in touch with Wang Shoucheng himself.