Biden to be investigated by FBI for sharing bank accounts with son Hunter

Biden’s second son Hunter’s emails revealed, could implicate his dad in FBI investigation.

U.S. President Joe Biden may be involved in an ongoing FBI investigation into his son Hunter Biden’s finances because of shared bank accounts and other issues, Forsyth News reported on 12 December.

Hunter is under investigation by the FBI for his involvement in a suspected bribery case in Ukraine and an investment case in China.

The report cites the Daily Mail as saying that emails obtained from Hunter’s abandoned laptop reveal that his business partner Eric Schwerin was processing Joe Biden’s tax returns and discussing how the father and son were paying each other’s household bills.

In addition, the emails also show that Schwerin processed book trade requests for Biden, who was vice president at the time, and tried to donate Biden’s Senate papers to Delaware University.

The report mentioned that Hunter had admitted last year that he was under federal investigation for tax issues and also said he shared a bank account with his father.

Schwerin was involved in Biden’s tax returns as early as 2010, according to the email investigation, and on April 9, 2010, he emailed Hunter saying, “I’ve been working on Joe Biden’s tax issues all afternoon.”

On June 10 of the same year, Schwerin wrote in an email, according to the report, “Your dad’s Delaware tax refund check arrived today, I deposited it into his account and wrote a check to you because he owes you ……” The report said it was unclear exactly why Biden owed Hunter money.

The newspaper mentioned that a money laundering and criminal tax law expert told the Daily Mail that the financial disputes could drag the current president into an FBI investigation. An unnamed former federal prosecutor said that no matter what transaction you are investigating, if there is a connection to a family member or friend, it will definitely be investigated.

The White House has not responded to the matter at this time, the newspaper said.