The broken trust of rural China: a one-shot deal of greed and stupidity


One year in the 1980s, the price of chili peppers in Shaanxi Province jumped to more than 3 yuan a catty because of foreign purchases. Some farmers poured boiling water on the dried peppers and then dried them in the sun, selling them for a lot more money.

Before the foreigners could load the chili peppers onto the ship, they all rotted at the pier. The next year, they never came back.

Because of the money they made in the first year, many farmers stopped growing food the next year and planted all chili peppers. But no more injustice to buy, and finally fell to more than 30 cents still can not be sold.

Poor, but as the old saying goes: poor people must have a hateful place.

In the eighties and early nineties, Guanzhong chili pepper, popular nationwide, exported to the world. The price was very high, a catty of dried peppers, more than three dollars.

At that time, wages were very low, and the house was only one or two hundred yuan per square meter, farmers in Guanzhong, almost every family grows spicy, everyone busy chili. The price was high, and some of them had the idea to earn more money faster and better. Spicy peg noodles mixed with red brick powder, spicy morning corner filled with foreign substances, dry spicy olive inside seepage of water ——

A couple of years, the customers and foreign businessmen to the pit bitter, pit miserable, pit no..

No one comes to buy.

As a result, a catty of thousand peppers, selling price of 30-40 cents, no one wants.

Those farmers, howling and crying, telling their misery.

I wonder at this time, there is no trace of reflection and repentance?



In the nineties, Shaanxi apples were hot.

Luochuan, Liquan, Baishui ——

Red Fuji, Yellow Marshal, Red Five Star ——

Countless apples, hot selling all over the country.

One mu of land, several thousand dollars of income.

Almost every farmer in Shaanxi, every household wants to grow and sell apples.

In addition to the reasons for the surplus, some farmers are back to their brains: to get the maximum return with minimal investment.

Pack boxes, filling them with second best, the big ones on top and the small ones on the bottom even rotten ones. Filling the side layers of packing boxes with cement to increase the weight, and putting a brick under the apples ——

A couple of years, Shaanxi apples from the shortage of supply prices all the way up to go unattended a few cents a pound can not find customers.

Countless farmers, looking at the piles of apples, howling, angry and dumped the apples, cut down the apple trees.

My parents-in-law’s family, planted four acres of apples, a good year of income received nearly 10,000 yuan.

The poor year, eight cents a catty sold the apples and got less than a thousand dollars.

I had to cut down all the apple trees.

When I came home for New Year’s Eve, I burned my bed and cooked, all with apple branches.



In the past few years, the kiwifruit in Zhouzhi Meixian County is very famous and is sold nationwide.

Because of the high yield, five or six thousand pounds an acre, the price is good, the wholesale price of good varieties of three or four yuan, poor varieties are nearly two yuan.

Some farmers’ ingenuity, once again, was mobilized.

I do not know how other customers, I was one by one fruit farmers skillfully digging pits, sophisticated buried.

Looking at them, simple and unpretentious appearance, moderate behavior. Absolutely could not imagine the tricks inside them and under them.

In fact, this year, kiwifruit has appeared signs of stagnation.

If the businessman pit down again, next year, these kiwifruit farmers, and can hold the kiwifruit and tree cry a few games.


Gansu flower cattle, Yunnan garlic, what what citrus

Two years ago, suddenly Yunnan garlic “harvest”, no sales, kneeling for online purchase.

I this love flooded people, the purchase of two boxes of results, come back to see, half a box of mud, half a box of dog nail cover the smallest garlic.

No way to eat, buy vinegar to buy sugar, pickled into sugar garlic, but also in my kitchen glass jar.

And see the southern citrus stagnation, and is crying heaven and earth begging everyone to save them.

This time I learned to be smart and bought a box.

Back to open a look, seems to be last year’s old fruit waxing renovation, no water, no taste, simply can not eat!

This year, the Gansu Flowering Cow apples, again.

I looked at it, did not place a single.

I do not know what to buy back.



Farmers, poor? Poor.

The people, poor? Pity.

Why are they in a pitiable predicament?

In fact, the peasants are simple, but the profit-seeking environment coupled with the long-term de-organization policy has led to the plight of the extremes of small farmer opportunism ……

No reflection, no awareness, no improvement.

Year after year, generation after generation, the pity is endless.