Power outage in Nanjing too! Officials rush to declare “routine maintenance” Chinese netizens have trolled

Recently, many provinces in China restricted electricity, allegedly due to high coal prices, coal shortage for power generation, and the power company said that “the power grid is in danger of collapse”, so many provinces to implement “pull the gate to restrict electricity”, and now even the city of Nanjing, with a population of more than 8 million people, also blackout However, Nanjing Electric Power Company said “this is a routine maintenance”.

The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the public to learn more about the company’s products and services.

The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company. (Photo/reproduced from 100 cars all said three knives microblogging)

The company also said that it is a regular work of the power supply company, mainly for the daily maintenance of equipment to ensure the safe operation of the power grid, the company stressed that “it will do its best to protect the livelihood of the key power supply, the current power supply situation in Nanjing power grid is stable At present, the power supply in Nanjing is stable and orderly, and can meet the city’s demand for electricity”.

However, the announcement has attracted Chinese netizens, who have left comments saying, “Hasn’t the water and electricity been cut off in sections? This month my family has received 2 notices”, “coordinates of Nanjing Hexi New City Science Park. Have asked for power restrictions”, “bully, the whole of China are overhauled”, “I live in that district, Nanjing for many years have not been such a large-scale overhaul, it just so happens that these days are overhauled?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public, including: “Power outages are contagious”, “Overhauling a bit more places”.