This is just the beginning! China’s next five years of power supply and demand gap continues to be the most shortage of electricity time exposure

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has announced that it will strengthen “double control” on energy consumption, and many local provinces have been “pulling the plug” on electricity, affecting the livelihood of people in the three northeastern provinces. But this is just the beginning. Chinese media reports that the gap between China’s power supply and demand will persist in the next five years, and 2024 may be the most “power shortage” time.

According to Chinese media’s First Financial Daily, a comparison of electricity generation and consumption data for the first eight months from 2016 to 2021 shows that the cumulative growth rate of electricity consumption from January to August of each year is higher than the cumulative growth rate of national electricity generation, with the difference between the two reaching a six-year maximum of 2.5% this year. According to the “China 2030 Energy and Electricity Development Planning Study and 2060 Outlook”, the gap between China’s electricity supply and demand will continue to exist in the next five years. 2024 may be the most “power shortage” time.

The northeast’s livelihood power restrictions have caused a lot of complaints. Han Xiaoping, chief information officer of China Energy Network, said that there is a common reason for the current power restriction measures launched in many places, that is, coal prices have been running high for a long time. The recent tight supply of coal, coal prices and benchmark electricity prices are seriously inverted, each generation of a minimum loss of RMB 10 cents, “the more power loss.

Jilin provincial party committee deputy secretary, governor Han Jun said on the 27th, the northeast of the lack of electricity and coal shortage, high prices.