Have the power to be capricious Zhejiang highway toll station to make things difficult for drivers: eat half a fish before they are released

A little earlier, mainland netizens broke the news that the Xiaojiang toll station on the Yong-Tai-Wen Expressway in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, made things difficult for truck drivers carrying striped bass. Forced to do nothing, the driver was finally so angry that he ate half a striped fish. After the incident, the driver sent a video pointing out that it is not hype, it is the truth.

The driver ate half a live fish before letting the car pass the station for free

On September 26, mainland netizens exploded a video in which a man said excitedly, “Fresh, you see, you can not say it is not fresh.” “Fresh fish none of you say it is fresh, the leader comes also not fresh, you see it …”

The video with the text said: “noon unloading ship loading, 4 pm to Wenzhou Xiaojiang toll station exit, the toll station people said not fresh, a box inside one or two broken and turned off, the photo special photo broken, good he did not photo, casually said broken more than free. Finally, I was so angry that I ate half a strip of fish, the leader came out and said that it is completely free … to fight for the interests of our cardholders, which is given by the state.”

The afternoon of the 26th, the “extreme news” from the Wenzhou Yongtaiwen Expressway Co., Ltd. office Ms. Zheng learned that they have received the driver in question on the 25th, has allowed the free passage, but I do not know the 26th driver and sent a video.

When asked “whether the site staff saw the driver ate half a strip of fish? Was the disposal work standardized?” When asked, Ms. Zheng reported to the leadership, said that for the time being can not reply to the above questions.

The video has sparked network attention. 27 late at night, Zhejiang Wenzhou Yongtaiwen Expressway Co., Ltd. issued a statement not to admit the toll station staff workflow problems, but also claimed that no uncivilized service behavior was found.

High-speed toll gate raw fish driver voice

On the 29th, the truck driver sent a video saying that whether he had eaten scallops, the scene has monitoring, they can fully disclose, “I am not malicious speculation, I was forced to do nothing.

The driver also said that the scallops are fresh or not, according to the facts, not just based on what people say; at that time he called the supervision phone, delayed no one to reply, until after he ate raw scallops, the highway toll station director only came out. He said that he did so to defend the rights and interests of the cardholder drivers; follow-up will follow, because they need to give a correct attitude.

The driver sent a response video, the public network of “poster news” repeatedly contacted the Zhejiang Wenzhou Yongtaiwen Expressway Co.

This incident has sparked the anger of netizens: “These people are really not human, they know how to collect money.” “The last time cut arm self-harm, this time eating raw scallops, the next time? Good one no uncivilized behavior! What a self-censorship! Honestly, this statement screams disgusting to me.”

There are also netizens analyze that “similar tragedies occur frequently. If you have the heart to look at the online tirade of large truck drivers, such as fines at every turn, excessive fines, complaints about the lack of access to traffic enforcement chaos, in the highway today, has become a logistics congestion and tens of millions of freight drivers pain points. Obviously, whether it is cut left arm self-harm, or the scene of raw scallops, all show that the department power is too capricious, has lost control. Super not overweight, is not raw, all depending on the driver’s self-harm, self-mutilation of the degree of resistance, rather than based on objective facts. This is the capriciousness of power, and capricious power is bound to do evil. Sometimes it is for the benefit, sometimes it is just to highlight the capriciousness of power.”