Meng Wanzhou returned to China public opinion war, the Chinese Communist Party won? Former Peking University professor: that’s self-excitement!

The news that Huawei Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, who was charged with fraud, was released from a deferred prosecution agreement with U.S. prosecutors and returned to China after nearly three years of restricted residence in Canada, caused a flurry of cheers on mainland social media, with domestic media broadcasting live flight updates and airport pickups, and vigorously waging a patriotic propaganda war.

Xia Yeliang, an independent scholar and former professor at Peking University who lives in the United States, told Voice of Hope that

[Recording]: I don’t know where the Chinese Communists are winning. It seems that the U.S. and Canada are afraid of the Chinese Communist Party, afraid of the Chinese government, and under pressure they released Meng Wanzhou to China. So at the same time they are afraid to say publicly, why will Canada according to the Chinese Communist government is a felony two people, released them back to the country? If those two people were convicted of crimes that were not fabricated, why did they release two Canadians to their country, right? Let’s analyze it logically, right? If you think those two people are felons, why would they be released because the United States and Canada agreed to Meng’s return? Is there such a logic?

Xia Yeliang pointed out that since the Chinese Communist Party released the two Canadians, it means that these two people are actually innocent and were framed by the Communist Party to impose trumped-up charges. This kind of Chinese hostage diplomacy is similar to the exchange of prisoners of war on the battlefield, which makes the West or most countries in the world see clearly the rogue face of the Chinese Communist Party.

Xia Yeliang said, Meng Wanzhou was arrested and detained by Canada for such a long time, an important reason is that she has some suspicions of financial fraud in the United States. The company has been working with countries under U.S. sanctions, such as Iran, and those countries are required to cooperate with the U.S. and are prohibited from exporting to Iran, especially things related to military and nuclear technology. Huawei violated the rules set by the United States and some other countries, so it would have been necessary to extradite Meng Wanzhou to the court in New York for trial.

Xia Yeliang also said that the world knows that Huawei is not a real private enterprise, but a military enterprise under the guise of a private enterprise. Huawei has become a huge and influential corporate empire, in large part because of the strong support of the Chinese Communist government and military. At the same time they have a lot of cooperation with Western countries and have stolen a lot of Western technology by the way, which is very clear in the past decades. Now, Huawei’s actions have caused the West to be vigilant and begin to pursue and sanction, which has led to this dispute.

[Recording]: Then the Chinese Communist Party says it wins, where does it win? It’s that people like Meng Wanzhou have been released, but this ugly trick of theirs has been exposed to the world. Because Meng Wanzhou has been detained for so long, in such a long time everyone has figured out what is going on, so we all have a precautionary mentality, in the future, similar to Meng Wanzhou, similar to Huawei such events, I believe that the Western countries will take more vigilant, or severe measures to sanction. So I think that the Chinese (Communist) country it says win, is a kind of self-exaltation, is a kind of masturbation.

By playing the nationalist card, the official media of the Communist Party of China publicized Meng Wanzhou’s and Huawei’s unlawful behavior, infringement of intellectual property rights, and violation of important international rules as a dispute between the U.S. and China over national interests, inciting the so-called “patriotic pinkies” to anti-American sentiment.

The Chinese Communist Party and its pinkos often say, “Anti-Communist is anti-Chinese”. So, this is actually a rogue practice, a kind of kidnapping, a kind of rape of public opinion. Because everyone knows that the CCP and China are not the same thing, China has existed for thousands of years, and the CCP was founded only 100 years ago.

Therefore, clear-headed Western politicians will separate China from the CCP. China is a respectable country in the world, with a long history, tradition and culture, a fact that everyone understands. But the CCP is a freak, a variant of such a freak from Marx, a freak that scourges the traditions and culture of the Chinese nation, and it is a very vicious demon all over the world.

Xia Yeliang said that the virus of communism has plagued hundreds of millions of people all over the world, and finally in the 20th century, everyone hated it like a plague, so it has no market at all, and only survives in a few countries. And the Chinese Communist Party did not dare to openly and truly engage in that, because communism has failed in all countries.

[Recording]: That China (Communist Party) nominally under the guise of communism, but in fact it is engaged in some way through capitalism, market economy. It is not because of communism that the people of China have improved their lives today, but on the contrary, it is because of the benefits brought by the rival of communism, the capitalist market economy. They are now putting the cart before the horse and reversing black and white, saying that it is a masterpiece of communism because of the good leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. I think that anyone who is willing to believe such an upside-down conclusion must have something very wrong with his brain.